Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Puppy Antics

Our darling puppy, Karli, has now figured out how to jump up into a dining room chair and then jump onto the table. We didn't know she had acquired this talent until yesterday while we were eating lunch. Monday night after dinner she kept running through the house with unused napkins, so I knew they were not from dinner. When I went into the dining room, the napkin holder and the salt and pepper shakers were tipped over. I assumed for some reason that our cat had knocked them over and some of the napkins had gone on the floor. I guess we know now what really happened.

Bradly was more annoying than usual this morning. He was purposfully doing anything he could to yank my chain. Needless to say I could not wait for his bus to get here. I kept telling myself to just ignore him, as my blood pressure steadily climbed. I wish I could understand why he is willing to lose some of his favorite afternoon activities, just to annoy me. Now when he comes home he will be all remorseful and tell me he felt bad all day because of how he acted in the morning. He will feel bad that he hasn't earning Game Boy or computer time, and I will ask him why he didn't care about those things in the morning when he was being so obnoxious. He never knows the answer. Well, I am going to have a good day despite how it started. Honestly, the reason I dread my morning of geting up early to get him off to school isn't so much the getting up early, but rather putting up with his behavior. :o(

Ok, putting how I am feeling on my blog is good therapy and I feel a bit better after sharing. On another note, I got a phone call from Steven last night. He moved into a new apartment yesterday. The place where he was living was getting a bit annoying. The landlords not only went in to check his apartment, but went through his personal items and moved them around. The husband gets drunk and tends to mistreat the wife and Steve was feeling like he was the middleman and just wanted out. He was so blessed when he mentioned this to a guy he works with, because the man and his wife and son had just moved back to Texas because his mom had had a stroke. They were living with her, and she has an apartment with a 1 bay garage that goes with it for rent. The guy told Steve he could rent it. The apartment is in Pasadina, which is a much better area than he was living in. The rent is the same as the other place, but the utilities are included with this one and there is cable and internet connection also. He hasn't had cable in months and was so thrilled to get this place. It is all furnished and is very nice. It will only take him a few extra minutes to get to work int he morning. He knew the electric bill at the other place would start to get higher due to running the airconditioner more with the hot weather starting. We are so happy for him.

My kids and my neices have been so faithful about handing out my business cards and spreading the word of my business. Both of my daughters friends have bought purses from me. Yesterday, a friend of my neice, Elizabeth, contacted me about ordering a purse with a matching wallet and change purse. She had seen the purse I had given Liz and wondered where she got it. My neices out in South Dakota have been wonderful about handing out my business cards too and even Steven in Texas has asked for some cards and has handed them out. I hope my family all know how much I appreciate their promotion of my shop. :o)

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