Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Pound

Oh Yeah....I have lost another pound and it feels good!! It may be a slow process, but the important thing is that my weight is moving steadily downward. I am at the 30 pound loss mark, give or take a pound. I feel so much better physically which is a huge bonus of course. Once again I had no bread yesterday. I try to have a couple of days a week and not have any bread in my diet. For breakfast yesterday I had this great hot ricotta cheese dish that Megan found the recipe for the last time we were on South Beach. For dinner we had a big spinach salad with chicken breast, walnuts, cheddar cheese, grape tomato, cucumber and onion. We topped this wonderful salad with the hot Chinese dressing recipe I posted a couple of months ago. For supper, I had scrambled eggs with onion and a piece of piece of crumbled bacon. I don't think I have ever mentioned the snack we often have in the evening. The original recipe actually started from South Beach, which is 1 sugar free fudge cycle, placed in a bowl and zapped in the microwave just long enough to melt it off the stick. To this, you add a small spoon of peanut butter and some light cool whip. Mix it well and it is really great. We have started simplifying this process and lessening the calories. We discovered one day when we didn't have any sugar free fudge cycles, that we could make this with the same scoop of peanut butter and light coolwhip and using a squirt of sugar free chocoalate syrup instead of the fudge cycle. It is just as good and much easier. You do need to be careful not to go overboard with the syrup as too much sugar free syrup does not taste very good. This little snack takes the place of the very fattening ice cream we used to eat many nights while watching t.v.

Today I am hoping to finish my "Doggie Travel Bag" I started making on Friday. I am looking forward to getting it finished and seeing the finished product. I am making sure to write down all my dimensions in case I these bags are a hit and I need to make more. I am just being optomistic. LOL

The kids are going to be off for 10 days beginning this Friday. Steve and I are not looking forward to those 10 days. Saturday went fairly well this past weekend, but Sunday was a nightmare. Both boys were not behaving well at all. There were moments we weren't sure we would make it to their bedtime and maintain our sanity. LOL I will say that they did both earn some tickets yesterday. Nick wore his glasses more than usual due to being rewarded with a ticket for each 15 minutes he wore the glasses. I sent an envelope and tickets to school so his aide can reward him for wearing the glasses. He also gets a ticket for each 1/2 hour he remains safe (no hitting ect.). Bradly finally got some tickets after he figured out he had to answer immediately when we spoke to him in order to earn the tickets. He didn't earn any in the morning as he kept ignoring us. When he saw Nick getting tickets and we kept reminding him of what he needed to do, he started earning some to. Steve said Bradley's behavior was aweful this morning which means no Game Boy or computer after school today. I guess I should try and be more optomistic about the vacation coming up. We were worried about Christmas vacation too, but it went wonderfully. Hopefully this vacation will be just as good. :o)

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congrats on your weight loss! your right every little bit you drop leads to a healthier you so keep going :) sounds like you have found other ways of dealing with your stress which is great. I know for me making my clay and jewelry & my etsy store is my stress reliever and brings a small piece of me back to me that I don't get to always enjoy when I am constantly focusing on my family. You need your own special place. I can't wait to see the doggie travel bag when u finish it. Have a Great Day & again Congrats!

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