Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Blog Bling

I found this awesome blog that offers some really great bling to dress up your blog.  She offers buttons and blinkies, blog background and headers.  The most surprising thing about this great find is that it is offered to you free of charge.  Here is an example of what she has to offer, plus if you notice a few additions to my blog, I also got them from this site.


In case you were all wondering, I did leave some fabric at Joann fabrics yesterday.  LOL  It was really difficult to manage some restraint as they were having a fantastic sale.  Much of the fabric choices were on sale for 50% off and many others were 30% off.  When I can get fabric half off, it would be really easy to go crazy.  I have to give my hubby credit because he never asks if i really need it or will I actually make something with it.  Steve is usually the one who encourages me to buy a fabric when I am hemming and hawing about whether to make a purchase.  I bought some cute, Debbie Mumm fabric with monkeys and some more of her fabric with different dogs plus a coordinating fabric for the lining.  I got a couple of solids for only $1.49 per yard  and I used my half off coupon for 4 yards of web as I am going to try making collars for Chloe and Karli, our dogs.  As you can see by the pic, thread was also half off, so I bought 4 spools.  McCalls patterns were .99 cents each, and I couldn’t resist a few of them.  Whew, don’t you think I did great limiting my purchases to these few things?  LOL








It is a gorgeous day here and the temperature is supposed to be in the upper 70’s.  I have a plan forming in my brain that if Steve and I and the kids really attack our yard, maybe we can get it looking presentable by the end of the day.  Because of our back problems we will need many breaks, but we really need to get this done.  We also need to do yard work at our camp site, but that will not be done today.  :o)

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