Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Learning Something New

I asked on the Etsy forums yesterday if someone could tell me how to customize my blog more than I already have. I would like to put pictures in my actual post and between posts. I got several responses, but the one that sounded the easiest was to install "Microsoft Live Writer". I accomplished that but I am still lost, so I will be calling upon my daughter later today to help me out. Hopefully by tomorrow you may see that I have succeeded in this new endeavor.

I started working on the custom order yesterday, plus I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had also sold another bag. I need to get that ready to ship to California today. It took me awhile yesterday to get under motion yesterday and I just didn't feel great. This morning when I took my morning medication I realized I never took my meds yesterday. That explains feeling like I did. Wow, I am only 50, way to young to be losing my memory..LOL

Today was my day to get up with bradly and get him off to school. Those of you who read my blog frequently know that mornings are usually not the highlight of Brad's day or mine either for that matter. Anyway, Brad did a great job this morning. Nick was up a little earlier than usual, but he is all dressed for school and just has to brush his teeth and he is ready to catch the bus. I love it when the day starts out so well. Brad earned all 8 of the possible tickets this morning plus he gets Gameboy and computer time after school. Nick is not wearing his glasses much at all. We don't battle it alot because he gets mad and tries to break them. Since we reallky can't afford another pair, we just try to encourage him by reminding him he can earn a ticket for every 15 minutes he wears them. He says he can't wear them because they are too loose and they fall off. After school today we are taking him to the eye glass place and geting them adjusted yet again.

We are huge fans of "Bones" and have been in hog heaven considering it was on twice last week and then it was on again last night and will be on Thurs. evening as usual too. We record it evey week on our DVR because it realy isn't an 8 pm show in our opinion and not something we want the kids watching, but we sure love it. "Castle" was also on last night and it was great as usual. I would love to know if any of my readers are fans of these shows. :o)

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