Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Found an Awesome Shop on Etsy

This morning while I was browsing around in the Etsy forums, I made a discovery. Go to and check out her shop. She has these beautiful, 3" fused glass stars that would be fantastic as suncatchers or hanging from your Christmas tree. Upcycling is so good for our environment and this artist is doing her part. She takes wine bottles and cleans them well, then she fires them in her kiln until they flatten. The end result is some amazing cheese trays which come with a cheese knife. This shop would be a great place to buy a gift for someone who likes one of a kind things. I would love to hear your comments once you have taken a look.

I got to sleep in until 9 am today. It seemed so great to let Steve deal with the boys and the puppy this morning. We actually started the "Ticket Game" with the boys this morning. We talked about it alot yesterday and Brad and Nick decorated their containers for holding their tickets. Nick has earned 7 tickets already today for wearing his glasses. he gets 1 ticket for each 15 minutes he wears them. He has them off now, but has done very well this morning. Brad has only 1 ticket as he gets a ticket each time he responds the first time when spoken to. He has a bad habit of ignoring us until we speak 2, 3 or 4 times. This is why we chose this target skill for him. I think within a few days we will see a huge improvement in this area.

So I wonder if any of my readers have been watching the "Nora Roberts" movie series that has been on the Lifetime channel the past 3 Saturday evenings. Rachel and I are huge "Nora Roberts" fans, so I have been watching each of them. "Northern Lights" was my favorite. This was on the first week, and sad to say I can't even remember what played the second week. I guess that says a lot about that one..LOL Last night, "High Noon" was playing and it was also very good. My hubby even enjoys these movies. I guess I like her books because many of them have a mystery to solve, but they always have some great romance. If you have missed the first three but would like to watch the last one, tune into the "Lifetime" channel Saturday night at 9 pm. :o)

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