Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Brother Turned 50 Today

I have been so busy today that I haven't gotten to post until now. I want to wish my brother Joe a very happy 50th birthday. I know he looks older than me, but he is actually 10 1/2 months younger..LOL I am very happy to have him join me being 50. I never called him and now it is almost 11 pm here so I am assuming it is too late to call as he lives in South Dakota. Darn, I did have the best intentions. :o(

We took the boys to counseling today and then because they were so well behaved, we took them to lunch at the Chinese Buffet which they love. We had not been there in a very long time. Steve and I both did quite well sticking to our diet. I ate a little white rice, but lots of green beans and chicken. We both felt quite good about exercising some self control..LOL We ran into Polly Shade and got to meet her hubby for the first time. He seemed very nice. We kept two of their foster children for a couple of nights this last December.

Megan and Scott are arriving on Saturday and will be here for Easter. Rachel will be home Sat. night. Reid has to work and Steve lives too far away. Steve's brother Ernie will be here for dinner. My parents are having my step sister and her boyfriend at their house for Easter dinner. We always have ham, but no mashed potatoes and gravy this year. We are baking white and sweet potatoes. Rachel will hopefully make her awesome cheesecake made with Splenda. :o)

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