Friday, April 3, 2009

School Meeting

We have been requested to come into school this morning for an informal, brainstorming meeting concerning Nicholas. We plan on sharing "The Ticket Game" that we are starting tomorrow at home. We are asking them to give Nick tickets at school for wearing his glasses and for being safe (no hitting, throwing, pounding, or overturning furniture ect). I am pretty sure his teacher will be more than willing to comply. Our Waiver worker, Charity will be going with us, which we appreciate. Next Tues. we go back to the psychiatrist and discuss how Nick's doing and see if he has any ideas. He is the best child psychiatrist we have ever seen. Dr. McPhearson interacts with the kids and actually does the weight check, B/P and pulse himself. Somtimes he even makes paper airplanes with the kids. He also really listens to what Steve and I say about how things are going or if we have any imput about his treatment. Charity (our Waiver worker) thinks we should ask the Dr. about Nick perhaps having a mood disorder. The behavioral specialist at school said they have been graphing Nick's behavior and they can see a definate cyclying. I am hoping to take a copy of that with us to the Dr.

Bradly pulled a new one yesterday at school. I got a call from the nurse that Bradly was falling asleep in class and the teacher had to wake him up three times. He told the nurse that we never gave him his medicine in the morning, which was totally untrue. I told her that no way he was really falling asleep because he never falls asleep during the day, and that we did give him his medicine. She put him on the phone where he proceeded to use his half dead voice and continue the act with me. After he got home from school we confronted the issue. It took at least 15 minutes before he quit lying and admitted that he was taking a test that he didn't want to take, so he faked sleeping until the teacher sent him to the nurse. He admitted lying about the medication ect. He may drive me crazy, but at least I can honestly say he is pretty original in his exploits. Oh, and when he found out he lost t.v. yesterday and had to go to bed early (so he would be well rested :o) for school) he was very unhappy. He then tried to tell me that he did behave in school except for that, so he shouldn't lose t.v. LOL In his dreams!!!

I do have a confession to make. I have started drinking coffee once in a while again. On these mornings when I am so tired due to lack of sleep, I really need the caffeine boost. Oh, and more good news on the dieting front...I was down another pound yesterday. :o)


Klayfriends Collectible Jewelry and Clay Creations said...

good luck! I have two kids..older than yours but its never perfect and I figured one thing out a long time ago..parenting is One Big Guilt Trip :) sounds like your doing everything possible for you son..cheers to you mom :)

michele said...

Congratulations on being down a pound. Maybe it's the coffee giving you the extra energy boost. Whenever I drink coffee, I run around the house like a banshee cleaning everything. If you want something other than coffee, try tea. Also, just wanted to say thank you for becoming a follower of my extremely crafty blog.

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