Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Break is Almost Over

Hard to believe it is already Saturday!! The boys Easter vacation was fair...we surely had some rough patches, but it has been nice to have a break from early bedtimes and homework and of course getting Bradly up at 6:15 am. On the other hand, having some time during the day to work in my studio and enjoy the peace and quiet is good too. :o) Today I want to get back to the "Ticket Game". We kind of petered out over vacation, and I am not really sure why because I am sure it would have been helpful!

At last I have discovered how to get Karli to sleep a bit later in the morning. First of all, her bladder must be getting bigger because she isn't waking up to go to the bathroom until between 6 and 6:30 am now instead of 4 0r 5 am. I have found if after she goes potty, I put her in bed with us and hold her until her excited wiggling and kissing is over, then let her go under the covers, she will go back to sleep. I did that yesterday and she slept until 8 am when Nick came charging into our room. Today she slept till a bit after 7 which is sure better than 6.

I need to cut Brad's hair today. The last "professional" haircut he had was really bad, and I couldn't believe we paid money for it. Thankfully Brad doesn't need haircuts as often as Nick does, and I do know how to cut it so it looks nice, I just hate cutting hair as it gets to my back. I can't see paying money for something I can do better myself and then I don't need to grumble when Steve brings him home from the salon. I can cut Nick's too, but they usually do a good job with his, so I will see how my back feels when I am done with Brad's haircut. Either way, they both need haircuts before they return to school on Monday.

I have a special order to do for a very nice customer. She wants one of my "Pet Travel Bags", but she wants it for a purse. We have finally got her fabric choices ironed out and I told her I would start it on Monday after the boys are back in school. I try not to work alot in my studio when the boys are home, although sometimes they like to come down with me and work on projects of their own. Brad likes to hand sew felt projects and Nick likes to make necklaces. See, I do have nerves of steel..LOL :o)

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Jeanne Selep said...

Spring break is ending for my children too and I am so looking forward to tomorrow!

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