Friday, April 24, 2009

A Trip to Joann Fabrics

Oh Yeah, I am off on an outing to Joann Fabrics (my home away from home).  LOL  I confess to having a bit of a fabric addiction and whenever I go to the fabric store ,I have to restrain myself to buying just what I know I will use.  In reality, I would love a yard of just about everything they sell.

joann logo While we are in by the mall, we are going to  go to “Pet Smart” to get some puppy food and then we are probably going to “Red Robin “ for lunch.  This place has the best swiss, mushroom burgers ever.  They have started offering a wheat roll in place of the white one and you can exchange a chef salad for the fries.  Now, their fries are the best ever and they are great with a side of the homemade ranch dressing they offer, but their salad is so good, I really don’t miss the fries (to much anyway).  It is all about choices and it feels good to make better food choices and be able to eat out occasionally and not totally blow my diet.  Speaking of which, I was down another 2 pounds this morning so I am psyched.  :o)


Shirley said...

Interesting.!! I too used to sew and always prefer to get fabrics from Joann Fabrics

Daffernia said...
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