Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sore Muscles

My arm muscles are screaming and rebelling against the yard work I did yesterday.  Despite the pain in my arms due to the raking I did, I am very satisfied with what our family accomplished yesterday.  The kids and I got the winter trash, sticks ect. picked up off the lawn and raked the flower beds.  We got three receptacles full to the top with all the stuff we gathered from the flower beds and the yard.   What a great sense of satisfaction to have that job finished.  Of course we still have to do the yard work at our campsite, but we will wait till the water has been turned back on so we will have bathroom facilities while we are there.  Steve worked on getting the back porch de-winterized.   He has hard plastic panels that he puts up around the back porch every year and then we store much of our porch furniture out there and it doesn’t get snow on it.  He got all of that taken down and the porch washed off as well as some of the furniture washed.  Bradly also helped Steve with this project (Brad is a great helper).  All in all it was a very productive day and we are all feeling quite good about that.

I just finished re-listing an item from my Etsy shop that I am going to promote today.  This “Man’s Tattoo Messenger Bag” was my choice for today.


man's tattoo messenger bag 1 

Tomorrow I am headed back to my studio to work on a new creation (not sure what it is yet), but first I want to make a change on a couple of bags I have already listed.  I love the look of this purse, but now that I have made one for myself, I realize it would be so much better if I added a closure at the top.  It is quite annoying to have stuff spill out of my purse every time it tips over.  Here is a pic of one that I need to add a closure to.

spring bag 1

Here is one of these bags that I made a smaller version of and added a velcro closure.

purple skull bag 1




A huge improvement I think.  I would love to know what my readers think about the addition of a closure to these bags.


Today we are planning on taking it easy.  I do want to get the rest of the porch furniture wiped down and the cushions added.  We are throwing a few strip steaks on the grill and making a chef salad for dinner as well as the left over Greek salad I made yesterday.  I made the Greek salad with wheat spiral noodles and it was awesome.  Sounds like a yummy but easy dinner…..right up my alley!!  :o)

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