Monday, August 16, 2010

Short Update

My last post was in the beginning of July and I have so lost touch with everyone.  Hopefully everyone hasn’t given up on me ever posting again.  It has been a crazy summer  with our new roof going up, our new furnace being installed and new windows going in.  We also got two new kids in foster care almost 4 weeks ago.  The boys are brothers and are ages 8 and 9.  The kids play well together and we are really enjoying the boys.  The case worker informed us last week that we need to get the boys enrolled in school since their mom’s next court date isn’t until the end of Aug.  The boys are accepting the fact that they are not going home for awhile and they like it here.  Brad and Nick have been generous with their toys and they have all been enjoying the pool, scooters and playing football and badminton.   Three weeks until school starts and then I plan on getting busy in my studio creating all the new ideas that have been forming in my head over the summer.  I am hoping I can get back to posting every day on my blog too.  :o)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

So Behind on Posts

I do apologize for not keeping my blog up to date.  Life has been so crazy, but it really doesn’t take that long to post….so….no promises, but I will try and do better.  :o)

My hubby is showing our camper this morning which we are hoping will sell soon.  We also got new flooring in our laundry room a couple of weeks ago.  The new flooring is linoleum rather than the carpet that was out there.  It seems so nice to be able to just mop up any accidents or dirty spots.

Our twin granddaughters were 7 months old yesterday.  I thought I would share this newest photo of them sent to us via text messaging from their mom.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.  :o)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rough Week

The contractor did stop over on Sunday and take care of the leak.  He also steamed the carpet and is either going to repair or replace the damaged ceiling tiles in Brad’s  room.  Yesterday morning we discovered that the water had worked it way down and wrecked some of our livingroom ceiling tiles which are only a few years old.  The contractor is going to buy a box of those and fix that ceiling up also.

Yesterday was a very difficult day for our family.  Our family dog, Chloe, who we got as a puppy almost 12 years ago, was diagnosed last summer with cancer.  Yesterday we had to have her put to sleep. My husband and our daughter, Rachel took Chloe and stayed with her until she was gone.  It just isn’t the same without her, but she isn’t suffering any longer and that is what counts.  She was well loved and had a great life.  Here is a picture of Chloe before she got sick.  :o)


Saturday, June 5, 2010


We thought our camper was sold until last night when the buyer called to say she had changed her mind.  We have to go up there today and put the sale signs back up and get the keys back from the women.  The hard part is that Memorial Weekend was a busy time at the camp and now camp won’t be opening until the end of June.  We know that the Lord has someone in mind and we do accept this, but we were really hoping to have the sale completed and not have to deal with it this summer.

The last of our old roof was removed from the house yesterday.  The new wood was put down.  We woke up to a big problem this morning…..the roof had leaked right through the attic into Brad’s bedroom.  About a dozen ceiling tiles are ruined and the top bunk bed got quite wet.  We are waiting to hear back from our contractor.  Hoping this weekend gets better…LOL

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

The weather has been just beautiful here this last week.  Yesterday, my hubby and our 12 year old son, planted our first garden in years.  Bradly loves to garden, and this one is his responsibility and he is very excited.  The garden is small as we don’t have a lot of room since we live in town.  Our garden consists of green beans, cucumbers and zucchini…oh and a mystery plant that was growing in our flower box…we think it might be a pumpkin plant.  We have two “Topsy Turvey” things…one with grape tomatoes and one with beef tomatoes also hanging on our back porch also. 

Normally we try and make sure our yard and flower beds look nice for Memorial Day weekend, but this year we are in the middle of getting a new roof on our great big, three story house.  We have a huge green dumpster in the front yard as well as lumber and a driveway full of roofing shingles and other supplies.  The roof is partially finished, but the carpenters couldn’t work on it last week because it was too hot and the shingles would have been damaged when they walked on them.  I am hoping they can work all this week and get it finished.

I completed a custom order for a customer this week.  This set includes a doggie travel bag with a matching agility pouch and bandanna.  The set is a gift for a 13 year old girl and is made from a cute lime green skull fabric and a black and white skull fabric.  Here is a pic oft he finished set.  :o)

dtb 1

Friday, May 21, 2010

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Our two adopted sons are participating in another 6 week “Therapeutic Horseback Riding” class.  The first class was last night.  Nick chose to ride his horse friend “Sassy” who was his horse last time they had lessons.  Brads chose one of the new horses.  It is a wonderful course and the boys love it.

My dad is having surgery this morning to replace part of his knee.  I will be so glad when my mom calls to tell me he did ok.  He gets to come home tomorrow and then go out for rehab.

Our yard is a mess as we are having a new roof put on our house.  The roof is being completely removed and all new wood and shingles are going up.  Our attic is a mess from all the debris caused during the removal of the roof.  We have a lovely new yard ornament too…a large green dumpster in our front yard..LOL

Steve, Rachel and I are still losing weight…Steve has lost 38 pounds, I have lost 35 pounds and Rachel has lost almost 20 pounds since the middle of January.   Steve and I have a long way to go, but at least we are on our way to a healthier us!!  :o)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend

Our oldest daughter, Megan is coming for the weekend.  Her hubby Scott isn’t coming with her, but her new little black puppy will be traveling down with her from Hamilton, Ontario.  It will be so nice to see Megan.  Rachel will be here for dinner, but then she has to work.  Reid has to work also, and Steven is too far away to come for dinner since he lives in Houston, TX.  Chris and the grandbabies are stopping in the afternoon.  My hubby is making dinner tomorrow which will consist of calzones and tossed salad….my request.  My Mom and Dad will be here for dinner also.  Rachel is making a sugar free dessert that we all love.  I am looking forward to a nice day with my loved ones that can be here.  :o)

I hope all of my readers that are moms, have an extra special day also.  :o)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surgery Day

Well, we have decided to adopt the little Dachshund we have been fostering and we changed his name to “Oscar” which just seemed fitting for a wiener dog.  LOL  He responds well to his new name.  Steve had to have Oscar in to the animal hospital by 7:30 this morning as Oscar is getting neutered today.  Rachel will pick him up after he last class today.  It seems strange that they send him home the same day.  Female dogs do stay over night when they have their surgery. 

Our daughter Megan, has purchased an electronic book.  She asked me to make her a sleeve to keep it in so it is protected from scratches ect.   I finished it yesterday and thought I would share a couple of pics.  I have a new beach bag half finished that I hope to complete today.  :o)

meg 1

meg 5

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good News

My doctor visit this morning went very well.  The Dr. was thrilled with my weight loss of almost 25 pounds and my B/P was better than it has been in years.  When my blood work comes back, she said she thinks she may be able to lower my diabetic medication….yipee!!  I even consented to getting an pneumonia vaccine.  After my appointment, Steve and I went out to breakfast and boy was I in need of coffee since I had to fast for my blood work.

I found another awesome Etsy shop and wanted to share it with you.  I think the personalized bridesmaids plates are great….sometimes it is so hard to know what to get the bridesmaids.  The baby plates are great too.  Take a peek and see what you think.  This shop is called “Say Your Piece” and this artist specializes in custom ceramics. :o)

ac baby plateac2            garden marker



                                 bridesmaid plate

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fostering a Dog

We are participating as foster parents for an adorable miniature Dachshund named J.D.  through an animal rescue in East Aurora, N.Y.   J.D. was a rescue from the state of Georgia where his family was facing serious financial problems and were forced to give him up. He was headed for the pound when the rescue acquired him.  It is not often that the rescue gets a pure breed dog, but J.D. is a pure breed miniature Dachshund.  Our Karli is 3/4 miniature Dachshund and 1/4 Jack Russel, and although they weigh the same, JD. is a bit shorter and longer than Karli.  These two are having a blast together.  I think it is a new experience for them to have another dog their own size to play with.  They race and chase through the house and both seem so happy.  I think our older dog Chloe, who is 12, is wondering why there is another pesky little dog to annoy her…LOL  She is good natured though, and just goes off by herself when she tires of the rough housing.  J.D. needs to be neutered very soon.  Karli is fixed but he is effected by her so we should be getting his appointment today.  Both dogs are a little over a year old.  We do have first chance to adopt if we decide to keep him.   I thought I would share a few pics.  :o)

JD 2 J.D.


jd4  J.D., Karli and Chloe


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacation Begins

Our school system did something strange this year.  Usually the kids get a break from school during the week following Easter, but this year their break is this coming week.  The worst part about the dates of this break is that the day the kids return to school the state testing begins.  This means the teachers won’t be able to spend time reviewing with the kids.  I have a feeling the school system won’t schedule vacation like this again.  I am hoping the kids behave and we can have a nice time together this next week.  :o)

I am so glad my daughters set up an account for me on Facebook.  I have enjoyed re-connecting with friends and family I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  It is just nice to see what everyone doing…how many kids or grandchildren they have.  It is nice to look at the pics  that these people have posted…..I do love that the kids I  graduated with have all aged just like I have.  In my mind they all looked like they did the day we graduated from high school…LOL

Here are a couple of projects I finished and listed in my Etsy shop yesterday.  :o)db 1







db 3





galaxy 2

Friday, April 16, 2010

From Sunshine to Rain

We started out with some beautiful sunshine this morning which has now changed to a cloudy, rainy day.  I did much prefer the sunshine, but as they say “April showers bring May flowers”. 

I finally completed a project I have been working on for a friend of mine which is a nice feeling.  I also whipped up a medium sized adjustable dog collar and leash set last night.  My hubby found this beautiful orange cosmic fabric at Joann Fabrics on Tues.  He immediately thought it would make into a really cute collar and leash set…I think he was right.  Here is a pic and you can decide for yourself.  I like it so well, I am thinking of making a purse out of this fabric also. :o)

1cosmic 100_3109

Friday, April 9, 2010

It is Actually snowing

Ugh…I just went outside to take some pics of dog collars.  I stepped out the door and was hit by a freezing cold wind.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that it was snowing outside.  That is majorly depressing considering it was 80 degrees here in Western N.Y. only a week ago.  :o(  Brrrr.

I had been anxiously awaiting the episode of BONES that aired last night.  It was really good, but the ending was disappointing…Booth lays his heart out there and Bones was too scared to trust herself in a relationship.  What a let down.  I would like to put in a request for an alternate ending..LOL

Here are a leash and dog collar set I had an order for this week and am shipping to Australia.  I also made a tie dyed dog collar someone in California ordered.  :o)


order 1

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter weekend

What glorious weather we have been enjoying.  It seems fitting that the weekend we are celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior should be unusually beautiful.  I have been reflecting on the many blessings God has allowed our family…too numerous to ever list.  I would just like to share a couple of the ways that the Lord has protected our family in the last couple of weeks.

First, our oldest son Steven lives in Houston, TX.  He rarely does much city driving but drives the expressways.  We all know that you need to drive quite fast to keep up on these highways.  A couple of weeks ago, Steven drove out to Humble for an oil change at my brother’s garage.  Steven mentioned that he had been hearing a funny noise in the front of his van.  After taking the wheels off, the mechanic discovered that his wheel bearing for the front left wheel was completely gone.  At any time, that wheel could have flown right off and considering the high rate of speed that he travels,  he would have undoubtedly flipped his van.  The likelihood that  he would have been seriously injured or killed is great.  Unfortunately, considering the number of people driving these highways, Steven wouldn’t have been the only person hurt or killed.  God was certainly protected Steven and we are so grateful.

Amazingly, our youngest daughter, Rachel just had a similar experience.  Rachel went to Canada for a week to visit our oldest daughter and son-in-law, which meant she had to drive the same type of fast moving highways.  Rachel went to Hamilton, Ontario and back, but kept hearing a grating sound when she turned her wheel.  She was home a couple days when the sound got worse.  My husband was following her to the garage to have it checked.  As they sat at a major intersection in Yorkshire, there was a really loud “BOOM”.  Rachel’s tire had exploded.  The problem was a wheel bearing also.  I don’t understand all the ins and outs of the problem, but I know that once again God had miraculously protected one of our children from serious injury or death.  To say we are grateful is an understatement.  :o)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have been sick for over a week and finally went to see the Dr. yesterday.  Just as I suspected I had asthmatic bronchitis again.  This happens at least once a year and starts with a simple cold.  I have an antibiotic and a steroid so I am already feeling somewhat better.

We have been sticking to the South Beach Diet like we should.  It has become fairly normal to us now and wow do we feel better (except for the bronchitis).  :o)  Prayerfully we will be smart enough to continue eating this way and get the weight off and keep it off.  As of today my hubby has lost 20 pounds and I have lost 19 pounds.  It has taken 6 weeks to lose this weight, which is slower than we have lost in the past.  We are older and probably move way less than we used to…LOL  Either way, we are pleased and psyched.

I am off to Joann Fabrics tomorrow to buy a pattern and some cute fabric.  I plan to make our little granddaughters matching sun suits for summer.  I love it when Joann’s runs their patterns for 99 cents each since they are normally between $10 and $15, which is just crazy..I would never pay that for a pattern but evidently some people do.  :o)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Found an Amazing Etsy Shop

The other day I was checking out some of the great shops on Etsy and I discovered this incredible fabric florist shop.  The owners of this shop make the most amazing fabric plants and leaves.  I have never seen anything like this before, so I thought I would share this great find with my blog readers.  Please check out this shop and I would love to hear your thoughts on these cool plants.  :o)




Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wheat Pasta

We have been doing great following the “South Beach Diet”.  I have lost 14 pounds and Steve has lost a bit more.  We are feeling so much better and have more energy.  The first two weeks we didn’t eat any flour foods (breads, pasta, ect), starchy vegetables or fruit.  We have introduced fruits back into our diet and things like sweet potatoes, rutabaga ect.  We do eat a slice of whole wheat or rye bread once in a while.  I love wheat bread and it is so much better for us.  The problem I have is with the wheat pasta products.  It doesn’t seem to matter what I make with wheat pasta, whether it is spaghetti, wheat bow tie pasta made into a Greek salad, or most recently I made a tuna macaroni salad…..usually my macaroni salads are well received in our house…most of this particular salad went down the garbage disposal.  I managed to eat two of the little shell macaronis and all I could taste was wheat.  I seasoned it well and used two cans of tuna….but the wheat taste was so strong.  I told Steve that I think every once in a while, when we are hungry for some pasta, we should just make a small amount of the white pasta.  The other foods we have been eating are great.  I love fresh spinach and we eat a lot of that.

We had a C.S.E. meeting for Bradly at his school on Monday.  The meeting went so well.  He created and presented his own power point presentation explaining his disability which is “E.D. or “Emotional Disturbance”.  He has learned how his disability relates to some of the problems he has in school, in his relationships and his everyday life.  One of the new services he will have for 7th grade is a program on the computer which will read  back whatever he has written, aloud to him.  This allows him to be able to pick up on his choppy or run-on sentences and make corrections.  The teacher did bring a sample of his writing from Sept. and a current sample…what a huge difference.  This new technology should help him to improve even more.  We are so proud of Bradly for the hard work he has done trying to improve his problems and for trying to understand his problems.  :o)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Announcing the Winner

I am pleased to announce that “StunningAnnaK” is the winner of the “Spring Break” purse I was giving away on my blog.  Congratulations Anna.  I will ship out her new purse as soon as I get her shipping address.  :o)  I thought it would be nice to also share her Etsy shop with my readers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in my give-away and I hope everyone has a great week.  Spring has actually arrived!  :o)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pillows

I got 5 new tooth fairy pillows finished yesterday and even got the pics taken.  It felt great to have 5 new items to list on my Arelel Designs 2 shop.  I have another 5 I am working on.  Walmart did not have any white embroidery floss, so I had to borrow from my mom.  I like to do the hand appliqué while watching t.v. and then I go to my studio to finish them up on my sewing machine.

One of our past foster daughters who went home over a year ago is coming for a visit this weekend.  We had her sister here last week as she had gotten suspended from school and her dad works so there was no one to watch her at home.  It was so nice having her here and I know we will have fun with her sister this weekend…..they really need some mom attention and loving.  The boys love when the girls come to visit.  Nick still has a hard time understanding why they don’t live at “home” anymore (meaning our home).  Considering the girls lived with us over a year and a half and Nick is only 8 now, I can see how that would be confusing.

Our daughter Rachel is off to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for the weekend.  She is going to visit our daughter Megan and her hubby Scott. They always have a great time together and I am so glad our kids are close.  Rachel is also planning a trip to Houston, TX to visit our son Steve in June.  Her and Steve had a wonderful time when she went down to see him last year.

Here are some of the pics of the new tooth fairy pillows.  This is the link to my shop if you would like to see the rest of them.       

sport tfp 2

hannah tfp 3

tfp 1

tfp 2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corned Beef and Cabbage.

We had our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (and just because we love it), on Saturday rather than yesterday.  We cooked our corned beef with cabbage, carrots and rutabaga.  Normally we  cook potatoes also, but since we are eating low carb, we omitted the potatoes.  We had just enough corned beef left to slice thin and make open faced Rubén's on a slice of dark rye bread for lunch on Sunday.   Rachel and I skipped the sauerkraut, but Steve had it on his.  They were fantastic.

I have been feeling the effects of my exercise on the “Gazelle”.  I am assuming since I am feeling the pain, that I must be doing it right.  :o)  Now, I just want my efforts to start showing.  I must admit that I do feel better and have way more energy thanks to eating low carb and exercising……I really do hate the exercising part though…LOL

I did complete the two drawstring bags I was working on on Tuesday and I got the pics taken and the purses listed in my Etsy shop.  I am now working on 10 new Tooth Fairy pillows for my Arelel Designs 2 shop.  Tooth Fairy pillows sell fairly consistently, so I thought it was time to add some new ones with different fabrics.  I have to buy more white embroidery floss because I can get all of them made.  Here are a couple of pics of my new drawstring purses.  :o)

polka dot skull 1

zebra 1





Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting up in the Dark Again

It was so much nicer last week when I was up at 6:15 a.m. and it was actually daylight.  Saturday night we had to turn our clocks ahead for “Daylight Savings Time”, and now I am getting up in the dark again.  I know it will be nicer having the extra daylight in the evening, but it was great to start the day in the light!!

I have been working on two new drawstring purses.  One is zebra print with a bright pink lining and the other is a cute girly skull print with the same pink lining.  I am hoping to have them finished today and listed by this evening.

If you haven’t entered the contest for the Spring purse, don’t hesitate.  Leave me a comment that you already are a follower or that you just became one.  Check the other ways to score an extra entry below. :o)

We babysat our darling little granddaughters on Friday.  Emma waved at me when she got here…yes I know it was a fluke, but I enjoy it anyway.  :o)

Don’t forget to check out my daughter Megan’s new blog.  She has some great low carb recipes complete with pictures.  I love it when I can see a pic of what the recipe is supposed to look like.  She would love to have to stop by.  :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hey, I am finally getting around to sponsoring my first “blog give-a-way.”  I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and figured this would be a great way to celebrate the arrival of Spring. I am giving away a cute bag I made using a pretty madras plaid fabric and a recycled t-shirt that says, “What Happens on Spring Break, Stays on Spring Break”.  The interior of the bag is lime green with a zippered pocket made of the madras fabric.

It is easy to enter and you may have a total of four entries.  All entries will go into a large can with a lid.  Entries will be accepted no later than midnight, EST on March 19th.  On March 20th, I will randomly draw one entry from the can…this person will be the winner of the bag.  When you make an entry, you MUST include your e-mail address so that I can notify you if you were to win.  I will also post the winner on my blog on March 20th.

Here are the 4 ways you can submit an entry.

1)  Follow my blog.  If you are already a follower, let me know and that will count as an entry.

2)  Go to my Etsy store and pick your favorite item in my shop.  Come back to my blog and post the link to your favorite item.  This will count as entry #2.

3)  Twitter about my blog give-a-way and come back to my blog and post the link….hence, entry #3.

4)  Share the information about my blog give-a-way with your Facebook friends.  Come back to my blog and post the link and there will be entry #4. 

Join the fun and win yourself a cool new purse for Spring.  Here are a few pics of the purse.





Monday, March 8, 2010

9 Pounds in Two Weeks

We have moved from phase 1 to phase 2 today on South Beach Diet.  I lost 9 pounds in two weeks and Steve lost 10 pounds.  Rachel and Megan did well too, but I can’t remember their exact losses.  I must say it feels good to be in control of my eating again.  This diet is wonderful for my diabetes (which I had been in denial of up until a couple of months ago).  I would love it if my insulin levels would stay within a good range and maybe down the road I won’t need medication.

I made up a new recipe yesterday that we all enjoyed.  I call it “Greek Meatloaf”.  I used ground turkey and added some small pieces of fresh spinach and some feta cheese.  I used a couple of eggs, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and a couple of TBSP. of Chavetta’s Italian dressing.  About 10 minutes before it came out of the oven, I drained a can of petite diced canned tomatoes and spread them over the top.  We had fried mushrooms and zucchini latkes with it.  It was a fantastic meal, and I wish I would of taken a picture, but I was too hungry…LOL

I am heading to the basement to workout on our Gazelle Freestyle Trainer.  Megan bought it when she lived in Cape Cod and says it is too big to haul to Canada.  I like it because it is low impact and you can set your own speed.  It is elliptical and it is one exercise i don’t mind too much.  Of course I can’t do it for very long yet, but a little is better than none.  :o)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nick Had His First Invite to a Friends House

This is huge!!  Nick was invited to spend a couple of hours at the home of his best friend, Vicky, who rides his bus.  They have been trying to orchestrate this visit for about 3 weeks now and Nick was over the moon excited about going.  The amusing part is that he was sure he should wear a white shirt and a tie, and he figured Vicky would be wearing a dress.  Nick was disappointed to discover that he would not be dressing up after all.  The plan is that they will watch one of Vicky’s “Spiderman” movies, and then call so he can get a ride home.  We are keeping our fingers crossed so that he can go again sometime.  Vicky will come here to visit next time.

Our daughter Megan, who has been doing “South Beach Diet” also, and actually started almost a week before we did, has been experimenting with some low carb recipes.  Megan decided to take pictures of the dishes she creates and write a blog about her low carb food adventures.  She will be honest about the success of each recipe she tries and also include the recipes.  If you are interested in low carb recipes or are following  '”The South Beach Diet”, you might want to check out her blog.  :o)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Wait is Over

I am so happy and relieved to report that my biopsy results came back yesterday and I am fine.  I really thought I was, but the wait is nerve-racking.  I am feeling very thankful for my good health and I have been really trying to eat healthier and hopefully maintain good health.  I wasn’t sure if I should even mention that we have been on “The South Beach Diet” once again.  Last year when we were doing the diet, we fell off the wagon and never seemed to get back on.  We have been on phase 1 for almost 2 weeks and we are feeling so much better and have even  dropped some weight.

I thought I would share this wonderful recipe that my daughter, Megan found.  We had this for dinner last night and it was a huge hit.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the finished casserole because it was rather awesome looking.  Here is the recipe.


1 spaghetti squash (mine was 2 pounds)

1 pound ground turkey breast

minced garlic to taste

1/2 large onion, finely chopped

1/2 of a bell pepper (any color) diced

1-28 oz. can diced tomatoes (I use petite diced)

fresh sliced mushrooms (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

1 teas. olive oil or spray

Italian seasoning to taste or oregano and basil

1 cup shredded cheddar cheese or shredded  parmesan cheese.  You can use feta if you prefer.


Poke holes in squash and microwave so that the squash is a bit crunchy and not mushy. The time will depend on the size of your squash.  When the squash is cool enough, cut in half the long way and remove seeds.  Carefully scrape out all the “spaghetti” strands and place in a bowl (this can be done earlier in the day if you wish).    

In a large skillet, brown the ground turkey breast in the oil and add the  onion and garlic, mushrooms, bell pepper and salt and pepper.  Cook until tender and add the tomatoes and Italian seasoning.  Simmer about 5 minutes and then add the squash strands and mix well.  Simmer a few more minutes and then place into a 9x13 glass baking pan that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Cover the top with the cheese of your choice.  I used fresh grated parmesan and a bit of mozzarella and some shredded cheddar.  

Bake 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees until the cheeses browned a bit and the casserole is bubbling.                         

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, Nick was home sick with the flu for two days.  He went back to school Friday and we ended up having to pick him up early from school as he wasn’t feeling well.  Today Bradly got up with the flu.  I sure hope nobody else gets it… is not fun.  :o(

We are still getting snow.  Isn’t Spring supposed to be here soon??  I am so ready to see grass and some nice Spring flowers and trees with buds.  The guy we hired to keep our drive way and the parking area on the side of our house did come to plow yesterday, but because it was garbage day, he plowed around our recycling bin.  He may as well have skipped us for all the good it did.  We feel like we pay him enough to get out and move a bin…it was early and the garbage truck had been here a little before the plow guy, and this would only happen on a Friday.

I got a request today from a customer who would like me to make her a custom yoga mat bag.  Hopefully I can start it on Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Waiting for Biopsy Results

Don’t you just hate waiting for test results?  I am sure everything is fine, but then I wonder how many other people felt that way and found out they did have cancer??  I had a biopsy done on Wednesday and I am not sure how long it takes to get the results back, but I hope it is soon.  As you can tell, I am a bit nutty about such things…LOL.

We got quite a bit of snow during the night and it sounds like more is on the way.  Since it was my day to get Bradly up for school at 6:15 a.m., I must admit I was praying that school would be delayed an hour or two due to the snow, but it didn’t happen.  An extra hour or two in bed would have been very welcome.  :o)

I am trying something different for dinner tonight.  The plan is to cut zucchini squash in half lengthwise and hollow out to create a boat.  I am going to stuff the squash with Italian seasoned ground turkey breast browned with some onion and maybe a few mushrooms.  The squash gets par boiled before it is stuffed.  The stuffed squash go onto into a baking pan and bake until soft.  I think I will add a bit of cheese over the top just before I take them out of the oven.  I will let you know how they turn out…..I am a big fan of zucchini and love when I think of something different to do with them.

We watched our little sweeties for a while on Monday.  I am amazed at how much the babies grow between visits.  Here is a cute picture of Morgan and Emma.  I just love being a Grandma.  :o)


Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Robin

We had a great time with the boys yesterday when we went out to eat at Nick’s favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  The mushroom Swiss burger was outstanding and of course the fries with their homemade ranch dressing is awesome.  The boys got chicken tenders and fries. 

I cannot believe that I had to either let Nick go to school without his hair combed or let him miss the bus this morning.  I have never let one of my kids go to school ungroomed.   Naturally, when I used to work at school, I absolutely hated to see a little kids who had obviously not had their hair combed.  Now I am one of those parents…LOL 

It does feel wonderful to have mid winter break over with and the kids back in school.  I really need to get busy making things for my 3 Etsy shops.  I am off to work in my studio and hoping some creative ideas come my way.  :o)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been enjoying the Olympic events being televised.  My personal favorites are downhill skiing, snowboarding and speed and pair skating.  It is amazing what wonderful athletes these people are and how hard they have worked to get to the Olympic games.

I finally listed the corduroy messenger bag I had been working on.  I am having trouble getting really motivated.  Maybe this next week with the kids back in school I will get my creativity going again.

We are planning on taking the boys to Red Robin for lunch tomorrow.  We had planned on going today, but right before we were going to leave, Steve had a strange dizzy spell and almost fell down.  We decided we had better wait and go tomorrow…..Nick was disappointed because this is his all time favorite place to eat.  :o)

green mb 1

green mb 5

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well, the obituary page of our local paper was quite depressing today.  It seems that there were many recent deaths and just about all of them were our age or younger.  Ouch!  I was just on Facebook and saw that a friend from high school lost his sister on Tuesday and that another classmate is not doing well.  This time of year is depressing enough without all these deaths.

On another note, our son Reid is heading to Messina this weekend to be fitted for the tux he will be wearing in August when he stands up in a friends wedding.  I talked to both Reid and Steven this week which was really nice.  We saw Chris last Friday when we watched his little girls.  He is job hunting again and we hope he can find something.

My mom told me today that I really needed to update my blog.  I told her that so many times I have sat down to do just that, only to realize I don’t have anything to say that someone might want to read…LOL.  I do apologize to my readers for my lapse in updating.  I will try to do better.  This week we are just trying to  maintain our sanity as the kids have a week off from school.  LOL  Nick went to Mom and Dad’s on Tues. which was really nice.  He had a great time and I think Mom and Dad enjoyed his visit (we sure did).  :o)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sunny Winter Day

It may only be 18 degrees, but at least the sun is shining.  I have been thinking it might be a great day to take the kids sledding….while I wait in the car with a cup of hot coffee…LOL

My sweet hubby is busy making some cream puffs with sugar free pudding he made from scratch….they smell so great…can’t wait to try one.

We had a C.S.E. meeting yesterday for Nick at his school.  The meeting went very well and most everyone was reporting some improvement since Sept.  Nick has met his goals for occupational therapy, so as of July 1st, O.T. will be eliminated from his I.E.P.  We will take any improvements and be grateful.  :o)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dog Obedience Class

Well our dog Karli who is 3/4 Dachshund and 1/4 Jack Russell started dog obedience class last night.  Karli REALLY needs this class.  Rachel is taking her for this 8 week course and we hope does well.  Our older dog, Chloe flunked out of obedience class…LOL

My husband ended up having a terrible time getting his mouth to stop bleeding after his tooth extraction.  The blood thinner he takes didn’t help this situation.  He had the tooth extracted on Monday and it finally quit bleeding around 5 pm on Tues.  He was glad he didn’t have to go back to the surgeon and we were both so relieved when it finally quit bleeding.

I am working on a lovely green corduroy lap top/messenger bag. I have a beautiful coordinating green fabric with small leaves for the lining.  I hope it turns out as nice as I am picturing it.  When I get it finished, I will post a pic. 

We are having our last “Crisis Management Class” today.  We have learned a lot and I would highly recommend this class to all parents whether or not they have behaviorally challenged children.  :o)

Monday, February 1, 2010


I am so relieved that Steve’s tooth extraction went off without a hitch.  I was worried because he has taken blood thinners for years, but he didn’t bleed anymore than anyone else.  :o)

Went out and froze to take the pics of my newest yoga mat bags.  The natural light produces much better photos, but boy, I am so ready for Spring.  I also took a pic of the newest baby mittens my mom made.  All three items are even listed in my shops.  Here are those pics I froze for…:o)

bb mittens

owl yoga 2

tattoo yoga 2

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Morgan and Emma

We had such a nice afternoon….we babysat for our precious little twin granddaughters.  The girls are almost 2 months old already.  Morgan weighs 8 pounds and Emma is up to 6 pounds.  Considering at one point there was a three pound difference, this is wonderful.  I didn’t get to go out and take pictures of the new “yoga mat bags” I finished yesterday, but I can do that tomorrow….way more important to spend time with our granddaughters.   :o)

When Chris and Heather arrived to drop off the girls, Chris made a bee-line to the cookie jar only to discover that it was empty.  He was hoping for some chocolate chip cookies.  His father had pity on him and baked him some cookies while they were gone.  Chris was thrilled when he got back and saw a whole container for him to take home with him.

Steve has to have a tooth pulled tomorrow which makes me a little nervous.  Steve has been taking a blood thinner for many years due to problems with blood clots.  The dentist got his numbers from the Dr., but I will be so happy when it is over and he is ok.  It is our week for the dentist…I have to get a tooth fixed on Tuesday.  :o(  UGH, I hate when I have to go to the dentist.  I am actually going right away (I usually procrastinate and a small problem then becomes a big one.) Isn’t it so nice I have learned from my past mistakes??  LOL

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yoga Mat Bags

I have started making yoga mat bags and listing them in my Etsy shop.  I have two listed and a third one almost finished.  The bags are fun to make.  I am having a dilemma about which one of my shops I should put these bags in.  At the moment  I have them listed in my Arelel Designs 2 shop.  I put them there because I have laundry bags for sale in that shop.  My daughter, Megan, thinks they should be listed in my Arelel Designs shop where I sell purses and bags.  I am starting to think maybe she is right.  Yoga mat bags are a whole different type of bag compared to laundry bags.  If I made a duffle bag or sport bag I would list them in the purse shop… I think I should switch them  I would love any input any of you might like to give.  :o)

I hope no one has fainted at the sight of me posting 2 days in a row…LOL

pink yoga bag 5

yoga bag 3

Friday, January 29, 2010

Health Problems

I will be so glad to put January behind us.  It seems as if I have had one medical problem after another for most of this month.  It started with a routine visit to the Dr..  My blood pressure was still high even though I take a blood pressure pill.  The Doc decided to put me on another b/p pill along with the one I was already on.  I was so sick for a week when I decided I didn’t have a bug, it must be the new b/p med. The final straw was the day I was taking a shower and got so weak I was scared I was going to pass out. Sure enough, I quit taking it and felt fine again.  I was also told by the Doc that I was taking too high a dose of Motrin.  She wanted to cut back on it, but I decided just to quit taking it all together.  I assumed I was going to have to get used to hurting a lot more.  The most amazing thing happened…I actually hurt way LESS without it.  When I think of how many years I have been taking it and the damage that it may have done to my kidneys I just shudder.

My next medical dilemma happened when I started having female problems which progressed to the point that I ended up taken to the emergency room in an ambulance (not an experience I ever care to repeat by the way).   This is when I discovered that my gynecologist whom I hadn’t seen in way too long, had retired last year.  I have been so stressed and worried about finding a Dr. I like and could trust, especially since I may have a hysterectomy in my future.  I went to the Dr. yesterday and she set me up with a very nice place to get my tests done and the girl in the office set me up with the gynecologist that some of the nurses and office staff see.  She is located in Orchard Park and I already have an appointment for Feb. 24th which will be after my tests are completed.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know how to deal with this and who to have for a Dr.

I do apologize for totally neglecting my blog.  I actually tried to write a few times and just gave up.  I was so down, I couldn’t think of anything positive to say, so I thought it best not to try.  :o)  Hopefully I am back in the swing of things and will update much more frequently.  Thanks for sticking with me.  :o)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Day Weekend

Well, the kids are back to school today after three days off.  We have been trying something new with Nick and it seems to be working well.  The weekend actually went pretty good which was wonderful. 

I was sick for a little over a week before I realized that my new blood pressure med was causing the weakness I was experiencing, sometimes so bad it felt like I was going to pass out.  I has pains in my stomach and just an overall sense of being sick.  Saturday I did not take the medication and it was amazing how much better I felt.  Sunday I didn’t feel well again and started to think maybe it was this med causing the problem.  Well, when I took my meds on Monday, I realized I forgot and took the b/p pill on Sunday.  That explained how I felt.  It feels so good to feel like myself again. 

Maybe I can actually get some work done in my studio today now that I am feeling better.  I have an order for a dog collar I need to fill today.  My first priority is the cleaning of my iron.  The last day I was able to work, I accidently dropped my very hot iron on the floor.  The carpet fibers actually melted to my iron, so now I gave to clean it with something…yuck.   :o)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Is anyone else a fan of the show “Castle”??  Steve and Rachel and I just love this show and were so glad it was not cancelled.  Last night was this years first episode and it was so good.  There is an actual “Castle” book out and Rachel and I both want to read it.  I would love to know if anyone else is a fan of this show.

This is the first day I have actually felt better.  I have not felt good since last Thursday.  I was starting to think it might be because I took myself off from my 800 milligram Motrin which I have taken for years.   I got nervous after my Dr. appointment last Wed. when she told me how unhealthy that high of a dose was for my kidneys.  The Dr. wanted me to cut back, but I decided to jump in and just quit.  We talked to the pharmacist today and he says there wouldn’t be any withdrawal symptoms other than some increased pain.  He figures I have a bug. 

Sold my first plaid pair of dog booties last night.  I was so pleased to find this plaid fleece at JoAnn Fabrics…it made up into adorable booties.  :o)

plaid 1

plaid 2

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally Finished the Dog Booties

I have been working on 7 sets of dog booties since before Christmas.   I went down to my studio and sewed for awhile yesterday, but then we had the opportunity to babysit Baby Morgan again and what can I say…..I spent time with her instead.  Today however, I forced myself to completely finish all 28 of the booties.  What a relief…LOL

Hmmm…so much for my New Year’s resolution…that I would post on here every day.  :o(    I guess I better try harder.

This week went really fast.  It is hard to believe it is the weekend already.  I am hoping we can have a nice weekend and the boys will behave.  Oh, and great news….Emma is coming home today…finally.  I can’t wait to see the girls together….I bet as tiny as Morgan has seemed to us, she will look big beside Emma. 

I sold 8 of my b/f, Peggy’s purse cards and three pair of my mom’s baby mittens yesterday.  Peg will be so surprised.  I told my mom she should probably make some more baby mittens since there are none left in the shop.  What a nice problem…LOL   Aren’t these purse cards just adorable??  :o)

purse cards 1

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yippee, we are finally babysitting baby Morgan.  Emma was scheduled to come home yesterday, but she was sick over the weekend and not able to keep anything down.  Now it is the waiting game again as I would imagine she lost some weight.  The most important thing is her body fat ratio.  Can’t wait to have her home too.  Chris sounded disappointed, but I told him that she was in the best place if she was sick, which he knew of course.  It does my heart good to see what a great daddy he is becoming and how much he loves these babies.  We hope that his love for his children will keep him on the straight and narrow and he will never go back to the harmful activities of the past.

My resolution for this new year is to try and post every day on this blog.  I feel bad that I have really slacked off with my postings.  It seems great to have the holidays behind us.  As much as I love Christmas, it is always nice to get back to normal and not feeling so stressed.  I really need to get busy in my studio again.  I did go down and work on dog booties until the baby arrived, but I sold another pair of booties today at the grooming salon, so I really need to get these finished and keep well stocked.  This is the time of year they will sell the best.  I am amazed and quite happy about how many pair of booties we have already sold.  The lady that bought the large pair today ordered another pair for her friend’s dog.  We have to go to Warsaw tonight for Bradly’s therapy appointment and I am hoping the roads stay good.  :o)

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