Friday, April 17, 2009


Wow, what awesome weather we are having. It is sunny and gorgeous here and going up in the upper 60's according to yesterdays forecast. I am thinking it would be a good day to get some more yard work done and maybe go see how our camper fared over the winter and how much yard work we have to do at our campsite. I know the kids would love to go play in the woods and on the playground. We are hoping to get to spend more time camping this summer than we did last summer. For those that don't know, we have our camper parked at the Odosagiah Bible conference campground in Machias.

Our trip to Hamilton, Ont. to visit Megan and Scott was a huge success. We had a safe trip and w a wonderful time was had by all. In the afternoon, while Scott was still at work, we took the kids to "The Royal Botanical Gardens". They were having a big display featuring backyard creatures. There were huge bugs like a spider, bee, caterpillar and beetles, and they were animated, and very realistic, other than they were gigantic. The botanical area was really cool too. They had two cork trees growing which normally grow in the Mediterranean and they actually felt like cork. We learned that cork trees are the only trees that can have the bark stripped off to make cork and the bark is regenerated and the tree survives just fine. They also had a great Koi pond and one of the Koi was huge and kept sticking its head out of the water. I am going to post some of the pics we took on my Facebook page in a little while. We had lunch and dinner at their house and headed home around 7pm. We took Karli and she had a ball with Megan's dogs, especially Jag, her puppy. She rode in her crate and cried alot for about he first 15 minutes after we started on our journey and then she slept. On the way back home she settled right in and slept all the way. On a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate the boys beavior yesterday at an 8 which is really good for them.

We did bring home a new houseguest from Megan's. We are now the owners of a "Skinny Pig". He is basically a hairless guinea pig, and he is adorable. Megan has had him for awhile, but she said that these animals love to be held and talked to and she just doesn't have the time to devote to him that she should. She wanted him where he would get lots of attention. He will definitely get that around our house..LOL After Bradly's hampster died of old age a few years ago, we had said he could get another one eventually, so we now have a gunnea pig instead of a hampster.....they don't run as fast when you set them down, which is really good for Steve and I as we are quite slow these days. LOL

I did want to say that we rented "Bedtime Stories" with Adam Sandler over the weekend and it was really good. Kids and adults enjoyed it...and of course the ending was fantastic. The drive-in in the next town opens this weekend. There are two screens, and the hard part is that I want to see all four movies that are up. Of course the kids can't watch "Seventeen Again" or "I am Just Not That Into You", so that means if we go we would see "Monsters Veres Aliens", and "Hotel For Dogs", which I would like to see too. We shall see what the weather is going to be and how Brad and Nick's behavior is. :o)


Sandee said...

Oh that weather sounds heavenly! We have a drive-in that we go to all the time with our boys and they love it! Thanks for following my blog, I love yours:-)

Jeanne Selep said...

I am loving the spring weather we had recently as well. Winter is OVER, people!

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