Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Feel Like a New Person

Amazing what some extra sleep can do for your whole outlook on life. LOL Steve got up with Karli at 6:45am. Nick was up by 7:30 am and guess what? I slept until 9 o'clock, and it felt GREAT!!! I thought it was odd that Brad's door was still shut when I went out in the hall, so I checked on him and he was just waking up too. I imagine that knowing he has to get up bright and early tomorrow to return to school was a really good incentive to sleep in. :o)

Our new Wii arrived the other day and I think we are going to set it up today. It should prove to be a lot of fun for the kids and for us will even be good excercise I think. Today the kids can play for free, but after this they will have to buy Wii time with the tickets they are earning for positive behavior. The boys played outside yesterday and rode their scooters until we couldn't stand the bickering any longer. I swear these two kids can't do anything together without arguing. Bradly hasn't even been up for an hour yet, and he just lost 2 hours of t.v. time for lying. That gets really discouraging also. After all that we learned while he was in the Children's Psych. Center, we know that the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder plays a huge part with his honesty issues, but it doesn't change the fact that he has to get it under control. The Dr. explained that Brad has to see himself as perfect and have us view him that way..hence the lying. That is one of the major things we all worked on while he was in the hospital, as well as getting his medication reduced, and we saw a huge improvement. His therapist told us he would regress now and then and probably never totally stop the lying, but it is still upsetting when he reverts to lying, especially over such ridiculous things. We came up with the consequence together and agreed that losing 2 hours of t.v. would be his consequence when he lied. He really does want to be an honest person and have the trust that goes with it...just not when he is in the middle of a lie and trying to convince us he is telling the truth..LOL

We watched an old movie from the 1960's yesterday afternoon. It was called "The Ugly Dachshund" with Dean Jones. We thought it would be a fun movie for the kids to see because of Karli being a Dachshund and we were right...they loved it. We saw various traits the puppies on the movie had that Karli shares with them. It was fun to watch this oldie again as we hadn't seen it in years.

I did get Bradly's hair cut yesterday and also cut Nick's. I have to say they both turned out quite well and the boys are ever so handsome. It is a rewarding feeling to see my handiwork, but it is even better to know that I saved us $20 by doing it myself. :o)


Tommye said...

Wow, what an amazing life you have. I get tired just reading about it!


Arelel Designs said... surely does get tiring at times but the rewards are well worth it. :o) Thanks for following.

Izile said...

Has Wii envy!!

KnockKnocking said...

What a lovely family!

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