Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Steve and I really enjoyed the hours that the boys were gone to their roller skating party. I actually got a new bag 3/4 finished. Unfortunately, when they got home we heard from the Skill Builder that Bradly had not behaved well for part of the time. She stressed to him that if they knew he could be trusted to tell the truth it would have been easier for them to take his word for things. He was also a smart alec when questioned about an incident. He got to sit out for the rest of skating time which was about 15 minutes. So, as soon as the worker leaves, Nick starts to tell me the things Bradly did while at the rink. Bradly proceeds to deny everything and claimed that Nick told all these lies about him and it was all Nick's fault he had to sit out. They were not home 10 minutes before Steve and I both had pounding headaches. I told them both that I wasn't there and I trust the workers to be fair and that they handled things so we did not need to hear any more. I also reminded Bradly that I was hardput to believe him too, because he had lied to me 2x before he even went skating. Both boys love to tattle and get the other one in trouble. Nick and I talked about the fact that some of the things he tattled on had nothing to do with him and all he was trying to do was get Bradly in trouble. This of course does not excuse Brad's behavior. Bradly has problems accepting responsibility for his actions. It is always someone elses fault and people are always lying about him.......amazing isn't it???

Easter day our gas hot water tank quit working. Steve couldn't get it lit for a couple of hours, and then it lit. As soon as the tank was hot, it quit working again. Thankfully we also have an electric hot water tank that is hooked up to 2 of our 3 bathrooms, so we were still able to shower. The plumber was here on Monday and tore it apart several times and it would not stay lit for him either. We bought this tank new from this man about a year ago, but he thinks it needs a part that he couldn't get until today. He will be back this afternoon and hopefully get it fixed. I am dreading to find out how much the cost will be for his services. We are hoping since we bought it from him in the first place that it won't be too bad.

I am starting to have doubts that Karli is ever going to be housebroke. All I can say it is a good thing she is so cute and adorable..LOL :o)

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