Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lets Try that Again

Oops...what was I thinking? I got the title of my post down and then submitted it..LOL Must be the stress of the Easter vacation that begins tomorrow. Maybe the fact that it is starting on "Good Friday" will mean it will be a good one..LOL When Nick went to the Dr. on Tues. he increased his Klondine so that he is having a dose between 11 am and noon. The hope is that he will be a bit more mellow and have a better afternoon at school. I am really glad to have him have time to get used to the extra does over vacation as it does make him sleepy. Klonodine is actually a blood pressure medication for those who don't already know that. It is much less harmful that some of the other meds that we have tried. I wish he didn't need the medication, but the fact is that without it, he is so agitated and aggressive that he wouldn't make it socially at all. Our goal is to help him to keep his temper under control and have a wonderful life. He is only 7 years old, so the good news is that we got him help early (we started seeking help for him at age three). A bit of Nick's history is that we got him in foster care at age 9 months. We adopted Nick and his brother Brad almost 3 years ago. Nick was failure to thrive as he was so neglected. Sadly, we have learned that no matter how much love he recieves, we can never give him what he should have had when he was a being held and nurtured. This was crucial to the development of his brain. Now our best hope is to help him know how to find ways to work with his problems and to have a successful life despite the problems. I try not to think about what his little life must have been like that first 9 months and Bradly used to give us glimses of the terrible life they led. It breaks my heart and unfortuately I know there are so many other children out there suffering the same fate as Brad and Nick.

On a happier note, I finally completed the "Doggie Travel Bag" I have designed and been working on. Here is the listing so you can see how it turned out. My hubby just took our other dog, Chloe, to the dog groomer for her monthly bath. The dog groomer, Mindy, thinks these bags would sell in her shop and would like some of my business cards to put out and a pic to display until I can get some bags done to take up to her. I need to get busy on a few more so she can have a couple displayed in her shop. The things is, people can special order and have whatever fabric print they would like. I was thinking these bags would make a great gift to someone who has a new dog. I would love some feedback on this new bag...any ideas for anything else it needs. I love comments so feel free. :o)


Celina said...

Nick and Brad are very lucky to have you!

Frenzy23 said...

I know someone who went through something similar...he had rage issues that couldn't be controlled without medication. He'd black out memories of what happened when he was angry. I know it can be a lot to deal with and seeing someone on medications feels like a bad thing, but I'm sure they'll help in the long run. They're lucky to have you, I'm sure it takes a lot of patience. My thoughts and wishes go out to both of them!

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