Monday, April 13, 2009

The Morning After

We had a very nice Easter Day. Everyone commented on how strange it was not to have my parents here. It was nice that they got to spend time with my step-sister and her boyfriend, plus they came early enough to attend church service with Mom and Dad. Naturally we had a few "moments" with the boys, but we weathered the rough spots and we all had a nice time. Megan and Scott left around 5 pm because they weren't sure how long of a wait they were going to have at the border. They texted about 7:15 pm that they were home safe and sound, so they made really good time. Ernie (my brother-in-law) left shortly after Megan and Scott did and Rachel is heading back to college this morning. Brad and Nick got bubble swords and sidewalk chalk, plus Nick got a plastic golf set for Easter (Brad got Pokemon cards for his collection and was thrilled about that). Rachel and I took the boys out to play with their new Easter things thinking it would be fairly warm as the sun was shining and after all, it is April, right? Well, it was so cold and breezy out, that we were freezing. Rachel played some gold with Nick, and then she headed in. Of course the boys were not cold at all and wanted to stay out longer. When we finally came in, someone mentioned that it wasn't even 40 degrees out!! No wonder I froze out there. LOL

The boys "Skill Builders" are taking them on a roller skating outing to the Pike Roller Rink this afternoon. Steve and I are really looking forward to the repreive, and the kids are excited about the skate party. If the weather if nice on Thurs. we are going to Canada to visit Megan and Scott. Megan was saying there is this big kids exhibit about bugs going on in Hamilton that she thought the boys would enjoy. There is all kinds of activities for them to do plus it is educational. I think she said it is at the museum near their house. They live within walking distance to the water, so we may take the kids and the dogs for walk to that park while we are there. I hope it works out so we can go. Megan has Thurs. off from work, so it would be great for all of us.

It will feel good to get back to eating healthy today as we did overeat on that luscious ham dinner yesterday. The good thing about the dinner was that although we ate more than we should have, most everything we had was "South Beach" friendly. Our menu included: baked ham, baked sweet and white potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, sf applesauce, a pickle tray with sf pickles and also black and green olives and wheat dinner rolls. I made a salad with ff cottage cheese, sugar free orange jello, mandarine oranges and light coolwhip that was very yummy. Steve made a crustless. sf baked cheesecake for dessert which we served with a spoonful of sf cherry pie filling. It was all quite delicious.!! Now, being the dedicated dieters that we are, I would like to say we left the Easter candy alone, but I must confess to eating some chocolate and some jelly beans. Today we are right back at it again, so one day isn't going to might even give our metabolism a kick start! Just in case though, I am not going near my scales today. :o)


Frenzy23 said...

Holidays are intended for eating too much. At least that's what I tell myself :)
Easter was freeeezing! I was in Buffalo and not so thrilled with the weather.

Klayfriends Collectible Jewelry & Clay said...

I know what you mean about the eating..I started again today, but had a small setback already..heheh oh well, one day at a time!

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