Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunshine and Warm Weather

What a gorgeous day complete with sunshine and temperatures in the 60 degree range. I know now that Spring really is here. I can see I will have to venture outside today !! Actually we need to go to Walmart after the kids get home from school today. Nick needs a new pair of sneakers and we need to buy a roll of tickets. We have most of the details ironed out so we can start playing "The Ticket Game" with the kids this weekend. I have such high hopes that this game, geared to modify behavioral issues with the kids, will work as well for us as it has for other families. We have chosen three target behaviors for each of the boys, that we will be using the tickets for. Each boy will have a contract to sign which lists what they need to do, We have come up with a list of 10 fun things the kids can spend their tickets on. The prizes range from "buying" extra computer or Gameboy time or an extra 15 minutes to stay up after bedtime to a trip to the dollar store to make 1 purchase. The kids can spend their tickets on a trip to Blockbuster to chose a movie, or pick a game that mom and or dad plays with them. The "cost" will be determined by the value of the prize. I need to get poster board so we can post the number of tickets that will be earned for each behavior and then one with the things that can be purchased with the tickets and how much each will cost. Of course, if for instance Nick earns 5 tickets on Monday for wearing his glasses in school, but then on Tues he refuses to wear them, he will owe us 5 tickets. They will each have a container to keep their tickets in and they can save them for a bigger prize or spend them each day. I will update my blog frequently for those of you interested in our progress.

I have been drawing a design for a new bag I am hoping to start working on today. As an owner of two dogs, I know that when we go somewhere and take one of them with us, there are certain things you need to take along, especially if we are going to be gone any length of time. How convenient it would be to have a doggie travel bag which would have room for all the items we would need to have with us for a day trip with our pooch. My thoughts are that there will be pouch big enough for a bottle of water as well as a pocket for the doggie "poop" bags, one for a toy as well as one for their brush. I plan to make the bag deep enough to accomodate two plastic bowls and ziplock bag of food. Hopefully I can get the idea that is in my head and I have drawn on paper, to turn out as I have envisioned. When I get it done, I will be sure to post a pic so you can all see the finished product. :o)

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