Thursday, April 23, 2009

Skinny Pig

We have had our “Skinny Pig” for one week and during that time I  have discovered that many people have never heard of this awesome pet.  I have decided to give a mini lesson about “Skinny Pigs” and put up a  couple of pictures so you can see how cute they are. Actually, it is their their personality that contributes to their cuteness, because they love to be around people and will often “talk” to you when they are being held or you are near their cage.

skinny pig skinny pig 2

A “Skinny Pig”, usually has no hair on its body except for tufts of hair on its face and feet.  They eat 3x as much food as a traditional, hairy guinea pig, because their metabolism is very fast in order to maintain their body heat.  Their dry skin requires moisturizing especially if they have had a bath.  A bath should only be given once every couple of months or so, and you have to be extremely careful not to get any water in their snout. A mild puppy shampoo works well for bathing them. They should be patted dry well, and a moisturizer, such as aloe applied to their skin.

“Skinny Pigs” eat traditional “Guinea Pig“ pellets and because “Skinny "Pigs” can not produce their own vitamin C, they need plenty of fruits and vegetable which are high in vitamin C.  If these pets do not get enough Vitamin C in their diet, they can suffer and die from Scurvy.  Some of the foods that are high in Vitamin C that the “Skinny Pig” enjoys eating are: apple, sweet bell pepper, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery leaf, currants, dandelion leaves, grapefruit, kale, kiwi, raisins, spinach, strawberries, and tomatoes.  “Skinny Pigs” eat many times per day and should have access to hay, dry feed and plenty of clean, fresh drinking water as well as the fresh vegetables.

Our family is thoroughly enjoying “Bugsy”, our “Skinny Pig”.  As cute and enjoyable as they are to have for a pet, you should not consider a “Skinny Pig” for a pet unless you have plenty of time to hold him and have the time to devote to his care.  If you have the time , you will find a “Skinny Pig” to be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.


Megan said...

Yay for skinny pigs!! :-)

michele said...

Thanks for the lesson I never knew there was such a thing as a skinny pig. Is there a plump pig too?

Arelel Designs said...

Michele...I have never heard of a plump pig LOL Thanks for following.

Georgia M. said...

Those Skinny Pigs are pretty cute! I love Guinea Pigs, they're so unique and sweet.
Lovely blog, too!

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