Friday, April 10, 2009

Wait...Don't Leave!!!

Stop, don't leave!! You are at the right blog, I just did some cosmetic changes..LOL Let me know if you like the changes. I still surprise myself when I come here, but I like the changes and I hope everyone else does to.

Easter vacation is officially underway. Nick had a huge meltdown yesterday afternoon and we were hoping it wasn't a sign of what was to come. So far, today, he has done well. Bradly on the other hand has not. The puppy was raring to go at 6:30 am and was sure we all knew it. I was so glad it was my hubbys day to get up with the kids and the puppy. It is depressing to have to get up that early when there is no school. Naturally she woke Nick up so he has been up that long too. Wouldn't it be nice if she slept until 8 am tomorrow since it will be my day to get up?? Well, a girl can hope. LOL

I wonder if anyone else watched the preview of "South Land" last night on NBC?? We started watching and within 10 minutes we had changed the channel. It was dark and dreary....I mean I love shows like "NCIS", "Bones","The Mentalist", "Numbers", "CSI Miami" and "Castle", which all have a murder mystery involved, but those shows do not leave you feeling like "South Land". It was written by the same folks that wrote E.R. but I can guarantee this new show won't have a long runing like E.R. Of course we watched "Bones" last night and it was great as usual. Anyone else have an opinion, I would love to hear it.

The "Ticket Game" we are playing with the boys is going pretty well. They have both earned quite a few tickets and cashed some in. Bradly had to pay us 13 of his today...all for not resonding when spoken to the first time. Yes, I am sure you get the picture that he needs a lot of work in this area. The boys both enjoyed their "Theraputic Horseback Riding Class" on Wednesday. They have 5 more classes. Next week they will be assigned which horse they will be using. Nick had "Davey" last year and is hoping to get to ride him again because they are buddies. :o)


pippijewelry said...

Ah! I remember those days of getting up early on no school days because my girls still woke up at the crack of dawn. Hope you get a little more sleep on your turn!
There is a riding arena here that has classes for special needs folks, too. I volunteer there from time to time. It is a great thing for so many people! Glad your boys are enjoying it!

Frenzy23 said...

I hope you get some rest soon! It's amazing how much better everything becomes with a little well-deserved sleep.
The horse riding class sounds excellent. I hope it works out well! Animals are theraputic for almost anyone I think.
I'm a new follower and have visited your blog once before, is it the colors you changed, or the whole layout? I especially like the colors now, they feel nice and calming :)

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