Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

What a gorgeous Easter morning. The day we celebrate our Lord and Savior raising from the dead!! Today is the day that symbolizes the basis of our faith. When Nick woke me up all excited about getting up and having Easter, we laid in bed and I reminded him that yes, we are going to have fun celebrating Easter but that we all need to keep in mind why we are celebrating.

Megan and Scott arrived early yesterday afternoon. Rachel got here after she worked last night. They all helped hide Easter eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt. Megan was able to get me signed up for "Adsense" and fix my goofs from the day before. She then taught me how to adjust the HTML. I also got a new animated ad made for "project Wonderful" since one of the bags I had advertised had sold. I had the same graphic designer I found last time on Etsy redo this ad. If you ever need any graphic designing work done, please contact She is very easy to work with and she does great work and she does it quickly!!

I am looking forward to a great timne with my family today and I hope each of my readers have the same!! :o)

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