Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ugh, I have spent half the day trying to update the photos in my slideshow by using Flickr. Many of the items pictured had already been sold. I finally figured out how to delete the unwanted pics, and then I figured out how to upload all of my new items onto Flickr. So, that being done, I redid the slideshow and not one of the thirty some pics I had uploaded were showing up. I finally decided it just might take awhile for them to stream. So, anyway I decided to write a new post. Well, it seems that in my quest to update my blog I had actived a language thing. Here I am typing away, not looking att he screen, and when I look up, everything I had written was in Hindu. I couldn't believe it. I finally found how to correct it, but when I went back and started again, it was still in Hindu. Grrrr. I went into settings one more time and that did the trick. So here I am feeling very inadequate at best.

Well, my parents just walked int he door, so I best log off. Keep checking and see if I ever figure out the slideshow. :o)

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