Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life With a Puppy

Whew, I am tired. Karli is a bundle of activity. I had forgotten that having a puppy is very much like having a baby around again...LOL It is amazing the things she finds to chew that we didn't even know we had. She also loves to chew my slippers (especially if they are on my feet), my shoe laces, our toes and socks and , well, basically everything. Our "Russian Blue" cat loves the puppy. He is twice as big as Karli, but they tussel and roll around and have a ball. He has claws, but he never uses them when they are playing. I appreciate all the comments about yesterday's blog. I have a pic of Karli and our 7 year old son on here now. Aren't they so cute?? I must say that no matter how tiring it is having her, we would not trade her for anything. She has brought even more joy to our family, and she is so good for our boys.

On another note, I want to talk a little about how our diet is going. As most of you know, we started on the "South Beach Diet" on Jan. 20th. We have been doing great, and I am pleased to say that I weighed this morning and am down 2 more pounds. When I lose anymore I will drop into a new catagory. Truthfully, we are in the groove and don't even have to think to much about what we are doing. As I said, it really helps that we have several places where we can eat out and have what we should have. This is so important because it is enjoyable not too cook once in a while, and to be able to get a break once in a while. The more weight I drop and the longer I eat healthy, the more I actually feel like exercising. I still can't do much, but at least I am doing some. I am sure the amount of exercise I do will increase the longer I eat right and continue to lose weight. :o)

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