Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rainy Sunday

It rained off and on all night. I was thinking how muddy and gloomy it looked outside, but then I realized the bright spot. The snow is almost gone...maybe Spring really is coming. :o) I do hate mud, especially when tracked in by the kids and the dog. Maybe we will have some warm sunny weather soon and it will dry up.

I must apologize for misspelling Karli's name throughout my blog yesterday. I have no idea why I did that because I do know how we spell her name. Megan pointed my goof out to me last night, and I was really surprised to see I had done that.

Well, I got my animated graphic ad purchased from "Lilybeandesigns" on etsy. She did a wonderful job. I have spent many hours familiarizing myself with "Project Wonderful", and I actually have a few ads running on there. I am amazed at how many sites there are out there who sell advertising. There are spots that end up being free also, which is nice.

Yesterday went very well with the kids and the animals. It was quite a nice relaxing family day. I am hoping for the same today. The kids have this coming Friday off from school which gives us a three day weekend next week. Wouldn't it be nice if the weather allowed for the kids to play outside? :o)

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