Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top of the Morning to You

Happy St. Patric's Day. Our family loves the traditional corned beef. We are not going to have ours today, we are waiting until the end of the week when Rachel is home because she loves it. I felt bad, the boys didn't really have anything green to wear to school today, although Brad did have green in his sweatshirt.

Bradly had a good day in school yesterday and earned a smiley face which signifies that he kept his behavior under control. Nick also had a good day. His teacher said his afternoon was much better. He started taking his ADHD medication at lunch time in school yesterday. He takes it in the morning at home, but afternoons were a total waste as Nick just could not focus enough to do any work. Between this and getting a one-on-one aide, we hope to see significant improvement in school. We are also taking him for a complete eye exam on Friday. The Dr. commented last week that his eyes looked funny, and it might be a good idea to get them checked.

I couldn't resist, I jumped on the scales again this morning. It may not be much, but I was down another 1/2 lb. I will take it. It is still a loss and not a gain. I have to say I feel much better since I have been eating right. Last night we had tacos for dinner. Steve and I eat our tacos on whole grain shells which are delicious. We rinse the hamburger 2 or 3 times before adding the seasoning just to be sure we have most of the fat out of it. We use light sour cream and lots of vegies, so with the addition of the whole grain shells, they are quite healthy.

I have good news concerning my buisiness. Yesterday I sent out three packages. That was a great feeling. I have to get another shamrock hidden in one of my listings as I sold the bag that had the shamrock. Since hiding the shamrock is one thing I do not know how to do, Megan is going to do it from her computer after work today. I hope everyone has entered to win a prize on the "Big Bag of Luck Giveaway". :o)

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