Saturday, March 21, 2009

Custom Order

I had someone e-mail me yesterday asking me if I could make a smaller version of the tattoo bag with the navy blue canvas. I wrote back and told her I thought it wouldn't be a problem to alter the pattern to the dimensions she required, but I was unsure whether or not I had enough of the tattoo fabric left to make it. After checking on the fabric, I found I had enough for another bag, but only enough for a smaller one, not one the original size. I went to work and reduced the pattern the size I needed. I contacted the customer and let her know it was a go if she was sure. She was quite happy and confirmed her custom order. I am excited about starting it, but it may not be until Monday as I don't spend a lot of time in my studio when the boys are home.

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. I am not sure exactly how many years it has been, only that it is quite a few. LOL I would guess they are going out for prime rib tonight. Mmmm. I haven't had that in years, and I do love it. Of course, it is good I haven't been eating prime rib, especially since it isn't a very healthy choice of meat. Does that mean I will never have it way!! LOL

My hubby made breakfast for supper last night. It is great that on the South Beach diet you are allowed buckwheat pancakes. The interesting thing I have dicovered is that "buckwheat" is not wheat at all. Here is the dictionary definition of Buckwheat.
    1. An annual Asian plant (Fagopyrum esculentum) having clusters of small whitish or pinkish flowers and small, seedlike, triangular fruits.
    2. The edible fruits of this plant, used either whole or ground into flour.
I don't know about you, but before I started eating healthy, I thought buckwheat was what its name indicated..Wheat!! I am sure this would be a great way for people with wheat gluten allergies to enjoy pancakes. So, back to what I was saying about dinner last night, which was was delicious. Steve made Bob Evans sausage and fried eggs along with the buckwheat pancakes and sugar free syrup. It was great and a meal the boys love also.

I have a good news update on Bradly and his school difficulties. First of all, the school finally got to the bottom of who it was that gave Brad the black eye. I contacted his teacher, and she didn't know all the details, other than they found out who did it, his parents were called and she thinks he got two days of detention. Best of all, the bullies have left him alone for the last couple of days. Another good thing is that Bradly brought home everything he was told to bring home yesterday. He had neglected to bring home the rest of his makeup work that he was given on Wed. He was told if he didn't bring home everything that he was told to, that he was grounded for the weekend. At our house, that means no television, computer or Gameboy. After giving that ultimatum, I was sweating bullets yesterday for fear I would have to ground him all weekend, which is essentially a major punishment for us. I was so happy when he brought everything home. I guess the threat of missing all of those priviledges for the entire weekend worked. :o)

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