Monday, March 2, 2009


Strange how when someone you know passes away, you think about things in a different way. It seems that so often the not so great memories just disappear and the great memories bombard you. We lost a member of our family last night, pretty much through the ravages of that horrible disease "Diabetes". I would like to say that I will always remember that when I first met Steve and then his family, that I kept hearing about his cousin Sue. She was basically a family icon. Long before I met her all I heard was Sue this and Sue that. Steve's family loved her so much and respected her thoughts and opinions. Truthfully she seemed more like Steve's sister than his cousin. When I finally met her, I saw someone who worked tirelessly cleaning at the school in the afternoons My first impressions of Sue were first of all what a generous person she was, how much she loved to clean and how well she decorated her house on a shoestring budget. She helped Steve's mom a lot like washing curtains and stuff like that, and Sue and Gerry and their kids spent many a Friday night at Maxines. Over the years we had times when we didn't see see each other for long stretches of time. It always seemed that no matter how much time had passed since we had seen each other, that she always made herself available when we really needed her. The last time was when Steve's mom was sick and dying. Sue and Gerry came and sat at the hospital with us and other family members. Their presence was comforting. Gerry found us a tape with Maxine's favorite song on it which we sang as she passed from this world to God's world. Sue and her daughter Sherry were there a number of days as we began the overwhelming, daunting task of sorting and packing Maxine's apartment. More recently, despite her failing health, Sue came to Megan's wedding and reception because Megan had always had a special place in her heart. Anyway, I guess what I have realized while reflecting on Sue's life, is that the kind things you do for people through your life, does make an impression and has an influence even after you are gone from this earth. My heart is so heavy as I think of Gerry and how lonely it will be at his house....Sue was the heart of it. I know the Lord will comfort his heart as only he can.

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A beautiful post...sorry for your loss.

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