Saturday, March 7, 2009


I have decided to hire an Etsy graphics designer to make me an ad to post on Project Wonderful. This site offers so many places to advertise that it is mind boggling. I keep researching and hoping I will have it all figured out by the time my ad is finished. It is actually exciting to be embarking on a new adventure and learning some new ways to advertise my shop.

Speaking of my shop, I worked yesterday on a new bag that I intended to list in my shop, but lo and behold, I liked it so much, I decided that I needed a new bag for myself. LOL I mean, after all, Spring is almost here and I wouldn't want to carry the same bag I carried all winter. And, as I continued to rationalize this decision, I was thinking that when I carry one of my bags, I am a walking advertisment, so it only makes sense that I should change bags every so often..Right..LOL

Puppy potty training is going well...thank goodness. Carli does have to get up and potty once in the early morning, but she goes right back in her crate and goes back to sleep. The problem is that taking her potty usually wakes up Nick and he thinks we should get up. :o( Carli is a riot to watch especially when she plays with our cat, Stopho. They have such a great time tumbling around. Every so often, Carli chomps Chloes tail. Now, Chloe is almost 11 in people years, so she really doesn't appreciate this attempt to get her to play. I speak from experience when I say that Carli does have some VERY sharp little teeth. Anyway, Chloe will all of a sudden decide to play with the puppy and when she does that she seems so young again. I think the puppy is good for her. She is more active with Carli here, which should help her lose some of those extra pounds she is carrying around. I know how that feels too..LOL Oh, and I will leave you with this funny idea that 7 year old Nicholas came up with yesterday. Friday is show and tell day in his classroom. He had it all planned that he could take Carli to school for show and tell in his bookbag. When we talked about it, he agreed that it wouldn't be much fun for Carli. I did talk to his teacher though, and we can bring her in for a little while whenever we want. :o)

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