Monday, March 23, 2009

Off to Work I Go!!

Well, the kids are back in school after a rough weekend. At least it had its rough patches. The good news is that even though he was a bit contrary about doing the work, Bradly is 100% caught up on all his back school work. He had darned well better keep it that way too!!! We are trying Nick with no Dexedrine at all in school today to see if that is what is making him so agitated. I am hoping he has a great day.

So anyway, I am planning on spending most of the day in my studio. I am going to try out the pattern I reduced for a special order, on some other fabric. The order is for the tattoo fabric, but I only have enough for one bag, so I figured I had better make one out of a different fabric first. It would not do to end up with a bag that is not the dimensions the customer requested, and have no more fabric.

Tomorrow we are off to Warsaw to University Eye Specialists, so Nick can get a thorough eye examination. When we were at the Dr. a couple of weeks ago, he thought Nick's eyes looked funny. Nick does have kind of droopy eye lids which is an hereditary trait from his birth father. Considering he is having trouble reading, and makes his letters quite large when he writes, we thought a good examination to rule out any problems would be just the ticket. I am just hoping that Nick will be receptive to the exam. We found out that my Mom and Dad also have appointments at the same place tomorrow. They have appointments for 10 and 10:30 am. Nick's appointment is at 10:40. We couldn't have planned that better..LOL

I would like to send out "Happy Birthday" wishes to two very special people in my life. The first is my sister-in-law, Denise, who has always been so much more than a sister-in-law to me. I won't mention which number this year is for her, except to say she is way behind me. :o) The other birthday wish goes out to my niece, Amy, who not too long ago, gave birth to a beautiful little boy. This darling baby boy made my brother and his wife (Denise), Grandparents for the first time. He also made me a great auntie, which of course I have always been LOL, this just made it official. Amy is about 4 months older than our twins, so she is turning 22 today. I hope they both have the best day ever. :o)

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