Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, I am sitting here sipping a cup of coffee. I know I said I am off coffee, but today I am so tired I have to have some caffeine to wake me up. We have to take Nick to the eye doctor and he is already having a rough day and it is only 9 am. I imagine he will need eye drops for his exam and I can only imagine how that is going to go over. He just had a meltdown because I won't let him wear a white wife beater over the top of his shirt. Oh, and he had a camo bandanna tied around his head. I informed him I was not taking him anywhere dressed like that, and that he could dress like that after we got home if he wanted. He was convinced he looked like a cool basketball player. He is now fine and has apologized to Steve and I for the mean things he said to us. I wish we could get him back to how good he was doing in January.

I have a confession to make. I never made it to my studio yesterday. I had such good intentions, but then I started reading while Steve took a shower, intending to jump in as soon as he got out. Well.......it seems this book was just so good I couldn't stop reading it. Well, then I decided I would read until lunch and then go down and work. Hmm...by the time we finished lunch there was only about 40 minutes until Brad's skill builder was going to be here. I thought I would wait for her and then leave them doing their thing and go down and work. Well, they were erupting the volcano they had been building and I wanted to take pics, and yes, in between I was reading..LOL The skill builder wanted to talk to us about "The Ticket Game" and that took until almost dinner time. The game is a fun way to modify your kids behavior and it should eliminated much of the power struggle. I think we are going to see about designing one for our kids. I will explain more about it once we get it all figured out. Other families have been using it and it is helping immensely. So, back to my point, I never worked a lick in my studio yesterday, and I need to get busy on the custom order I have. I did however finish my book and it was really GOOD!! LOL

Steven had an awesome time on his camping/fishing trip on the Gulf coast. He caught a black tipped shark as well as an over 40 pound red fish. The very unfortunate part of the whole thing is that he didn't know how improtant it was to tag his fish, and he ended up with a ticket, which could end up costing $300 he found out. All I can say is I hope that fish is really delicious. I guess him and his friends are making fish fry later this week with it. He said he went out knee deep to let the shark go, and when he let it loose it swam about 3 feet away and turned around and tried to attack him. He beat feet and got out of the water very quickly. I said, "well, that is gratitude for you". He bought Brad and Nick shark tee shirts and some shark teeth and mailed them yesterday. Nick will be so excited. He made a wish with a penny at the fountain where we take the boys for counseling. One of the things he wished for was a shark tooth, so this will be a huge thing for him.

Time to do hair and makeup. Nick is on a rampage again...he thought he was going to use beads and string and make a cool necklace before we left. Ugh..there seems to be no end to his good ideas this morning. :o)

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Caroline said...

Everytime I get lost in the simple things..... I feel guilty too!

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