Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday is off to a Good Start

I am feeling rested and calm after rising a bit before 10 am. It felt so great to know that Steve was handling the boys who are always a handful in the morning and taking care of our little darling puppy, Karli. Speaking of Karli, I guess she has already played so hard with the cats and Nick that she is ready for one of her power naps.

Bradly made great headway on catching up on back homework yesterday. He also got his two book reports completed that were due in January. He read the books and didn't fill out the book report form. How silly is that?? So anyway, today he has two ELA papers to do which will require some reading and I think I saw a couple of essay type questions. That will not go over well, but it must be done. Writing is not Brad's forte', but it is so much a part of the work he will be doing in high school, that he really needs to be more comfortable writing essay type answers. He needs to finish "Holes", one of the books he is reading for March reading requirements. He doesn't get why I am pushing him to get it finished, but he has to have one more book read by the end of the month. He has 33 pages to go on "Holes", and I would like to see him complete that by tomorrow. We shall see.

Nick has been out of sorts all week. No one can figure out what is going on with him. His behavior is not good and he is so frustrated and easily angered. His meltdowns are more frequent and he is more out of control that usual. We did not give him his dexadrine today in an attemp to find out if the addition of this med at school upset the delicate balance. So far we don't see much difference, but lets see how the day goes.

I was right!! My parents did go out for prime rib for their anniversary. They were married 40 years yesterday. In case some of you are wondering why I am 50 and they have only been married 40 years, I have an explanation!! My mom and dad were divorced when I was 7 years old. My mom met and married my wonderful step-dad when I was 10. I have always called him dad becuase he is more like a dad than a step-dad. :o)

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