Monday, March 9, 2009

Gloomy Monday the rain ever going to stop?? We had thunder and lightening last night which seemed so strange. My wish for the mud to be dried up by Friday is never going to be if this keeps up..LOL

Well, an hour from now we will be at our son's CSE meeting where we will be trying to get the school district to give him a one-on-one aide. We are determined to come away from this meeting with an aide. He needs one for both behavioral and academic reasons, and this decision is paramount to his success in school.

Karli, our new puppy is making definite gains with the potty training. She also seems to be accepting "no" when told to stop a certain behavior. This is not 100% of the time, but as long as we are seeing some improvement I will be happy. I did however discover a small spot on our carpeting where she has chewed a small hole. I told my hubby, maybe I will be getting a hardwood floor sooner than we expected. LOL

Bradly has joined the newspaper club at school. He loves 5th grade and being in the middle school. There are so many extra activities for the kids to participate in. Of course, now I have to remind him that he needs to get his article written for the next edition. He is also bowling one day a week after school, and this last Thurs. he was so pleased because he scored over 100.

Steven, our oldest son, went fishing in the Gulf over the weekend. He sent us some photos via his cell phone. He sent two pics of two different jellyfish which evidently had stung him on his foot, which proceeded to swell up. He also sent a pic of him holding a small Hammerhead Shark that he had caught. Steve is such an avid fisherman, that the opportunity of living only 30 or 40 min. from the Gulf of Mexico is a wonderful opportunity for him.

Megan, our oldest daughter has been working at Pet Smart while waiting to do the nursing testing so she can work in Canada. She got bit by a German Shepard on Sat. and has quite a bruised up arm. She was just thankful that the dog didn't break the skin. :o)

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Megan said...

it is dreary and rainy here too. Feels like I'm living in England! LOL. But I would take this weather over snow any day. :-)

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