Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ugh...Mud and Rain

I am in need of more sunshine!! This rain is so depressing and the mud is awful. I hate when the kids and the dog trail mud into the house. Well, I guess it could be worse and be snow. At least the rain and mud mean that we may get some Spring weather soon.

Nick got the cutest glasses. He looks adorable in them. I hope that he will be able to read and write better and that school becomes less frustrating for him. We are just hoping and praying he doesn't break them during one of his meltdowns. He is so excited about them and he picked the glass case he wanted. He says he will take very good care of them....I sure hope he does.

I finally worked in my studio today. I got the cutest purple, turquoise and black skull purse finished. I will probably list it later tonight. This is smaller than the others of the same basic pattern. A customer wanted one of these bags, but made smaller. This was my practice one and I think it turned out so cute. I figured a way to add a closure to this one. I love my bag that is like this, but wish it had a way to stay closed. I think I am going to do this same procedure and add one to my bag. Hopefully I get to work on the custom order tomorrow and get it shipped on Saturday.

I need to go make a cottage cheese salad for dinner. This is a "South Beach" friendly version of a recipe that my Aunt had when I was growing up. I converted it and it is healthy and delicious, but you feel like you are having something you shouldn't have. To make this salad just take 16 oz container of 1% cottage cheese, 1 3oz. pkg. sugar free dry jello (we like orange), and a 12 oz. tub of light coolwhip. Just mix it up and store in fridge until ready to eat. This is the only way I like cottage cheese, unless it has pineapple in it. :o)

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