Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Glasses are a Battle

Well, the novelty has worn off and we are having problems getting Nick to wear his glasses. He gets mad and doesn't treat them very well. If he breaks them I fear I will really come unglued..LOL He is wearing them now and sad to say I had to bribe him with gummies and the promise of more later if he keeps them on. That probably makes me a bad mother, but I am hoping the more he wears them he will get used to them and we won't have these problems.

I am shopping around for a WII or an Xbox 360. Yes, I have surprised myself, but I would love to get "Guitar Hero" for the family. I started thinking about how much the boys would love it, and truthfully Steve and I would probably have fun with it too. Rachel plays alot with her friends and Megan and Scott love playing it too. If we got a WII we would also be able to do other things like bowling ect, which would be good excercise. Mmm...decisions, decisions. Anybody have any thoughts on this, I would love some imput from those who have either of these game systems.

Puppy potty training is not going well. Yesterday she didn't have many accidents, but already this morning she has had quite a few. It is depressing. The trainer where Megan works says they should be pretty well trained by 14 weeks with just a few minor accidents. She is now 12 weeks, so we keep telling her she only has two weeks left to get her act together..LOL

We are having strip steak and a large chef salad for dinner. For breakfast we had vanilla yogurt sweetened with Splenda and I added some banana slices and slivered almonds. Following this eating plan has really become a way of life, but I do not fool myself about how easy it would be to fall off the wagon considering how many times that has happened int he past. :o)

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