Saturday, March 14, 2009

It Has to be a Better Day!

Yesterday turned out to be not so great. Our problems with Bradly and school compounded after our parent/teacher conference. Turns out, on top of blowing off homework in two subjects, he has reverted to some unsavory behavior. He is having trouble with honesty again and we are trying really hard to get him back on track. The last thing I want to happen is for him to revert back to how he was before his hospitalization. The great thing is that he has a skill builder who works with him once a week. Trouble is, she came yesterday and he managed to lie to her too. I just hope and pray we can get things turned back around!!

Nick had a rough morning, but he turned it around and was great the rest of the day yesterday. Actually, the boys played really well with their tents and pretend camping stuff for hours and they did it with hardly any squabbling. That was great.

I hope all of you are planning to participate in the "Big Bag of Luck Giveaway". To get the rules and list of participating shops, just double click on the image to the left. I would love some feedback if you do check it out. :o)

p.s. Karli is being an extreme pill this she got me up on false pretenses...I thought she had to potty, and she really just wanted to get up. Of course that woke up Nick, thus started my day. LOL

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