Thursday, March 19, 2009


Another fairly warm and sunny day here. I love it. It seems that I always feel more energetic when the sun is shining. Steve and Rachel are off taking little Karli to the vet for her second round of shots. No way I could go....imagine how bad I was when my kids had to get shots. I will always remember when our twins were about three years old and had to have their shots. Rachel wasn't bothered at all but Reid was really scared and crying. We thought if we had Rachel go first and he could see that she wasn't crying it would work out better. Well, guess what!! Reid cried all through Rachel getting her shots (she didn't cry) and then through his own. Needless to say I always dreaded any of my kids getting shots.

The tragic news of Natasha Richardsons death has greatly saddened us. It seemed like we knew her a bit because we own the movie "Parent Trap" , and our kids love it. We have watched it over and over. She was also very good in her role in "Maid in Manhatten", although not as likeable of a character, she did a great job. I feel bad for her sons and of course her husband who certainly has always seemed to be devoted to her and visa versa. Her family needs our prayers as surely as any family would that wasn't famous. Being famous certainly does not reduce the pain they are feeling, but it does mean they aren't allowed much privacy during a time they really need it.

I titled this blog post "Goals". The reason behind that title is that I have decided that I need to focus a bit more on my second shop. I made a sale today of a toothfairy pillow. I have about 5 more half finished and have not worked on them for months. I also have a few more children's aprons all cut out and not finished. So, my goal is that before I will let myself work on any other creations, I need to finish up all these things that are unfinished and get them listed. It is true that toothfairy pillows are only $5.00, which may not seem like much, but they have pretty much been a consitent seller. I have been focusing so much on my bag shop that I feel I have neglected my other one a bit. So, watch for some new listings soon in my second shop.

Good news on the weight loss front. I have lost another 2 pounds. That is so exciting. I have noticed that I have better losses when I haven't eaten nuts the day before for a snack. This is partly due to the fact that I know they are a legal snack, so I figure it is ok to overindulge a bit. Another thing that helps to to have a day where I do not eat any bread. Even though we are allowed whole grain bread, it is still a carb. Rachel also had a loss today and she had no bread yesterday. We think there is a definite correlation. I am going to try a couple days a week to do without the bread. Usually once or twice a week, Steve and I like to share a sub from "Subway". We really like their tuna on whole wheat with spinach, cucumbers, tomato, onion, cheese and light mayo with olive oil. Mmmm :o)

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