Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Busy Day

Wow, I got a lot done today, including finishing another bag. I am pleased with it and will have Rachel model it so I can take some pics and get it listed tonight. I had lots of energy and got stuff done around the house too. We actually had quite a nice day. South Beach diet is going great. I weighed yesterday and lost another 2 pounds which puts me between 20 and 25 lb. lost. I think it is closer to 25, but whatever...I am losing, so that is what counts. Not only is the weight loss great, it feels good to be making healthier choices and we are really enjoying our meals. Steve made tacos for dinner. We had ours on a whole grain tortilla. It was really good. I actually suggested having a Juliane salad for lunch. This is very odd because I don't normally enjoy salad, but ever since I made my own 1000 Island dressing, I can't seem to get enough salad. Breakfast was two poached eggs on a slice of whole grain toast.

We have been looking at puppies. No, we are not crazy. Megan thinks we should get a puppy while Chloe is still healthy enough to help train it to scratch at the livingroom door to go out the back door. We will get something small and one that does not yip all the time. We are looking at two different ones...a Maltese mix and a schnoodle. I will keep you all posted. My mom will flip her wig...LOL :o)

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