Friday, March 27, 2009

The Weekend is Upon us

It would be wonderful to have a good weekend with the kids. Today was "Career Day" for Bradly so he had to dress up for school today. Thankfully his dress pants and sweater vest still fit him. He did have to wear his sneakers though because his dress shoes were too small. He looked quite nice when he left for school today. This is Nick's first day at school wearing his glasses. I did some pre-teaching this morning concerning what will he do if someone makes fun of him or if someone gives him a compliment. We practiced because I would hate for him to have one of his melt downs if some child makes fun of him as kids love to do. Both boys got to take ice cream money today. Friday is the only day that the teacher allows Nick's class to buy ice cream.

I got my new bag listed last night. I just love this smaller size of the same bag that I made for myself. I like the smaller version better. Hmm....maybe I should have 2 purses for Spring..LOL Anyway, I am going to get my custom order done today and hopefully get it shipped tomorrow. I find it quite relaxing to work in my studio.

Rachel will be returning from Megan's tonight. I talked to both girls last night and it sounds like they have been having a nice time together. It makes me so happy that our kids are close, and I hope they will always stay that way. We talked to Steven and he has a new job. He is working for Customs unloading trucks. He sounded quite tired and said he was unloading 40 pound boxes of pineapple onto pallets as well as boxes of tuna and many other things. It was hard on the back, but it is a good paying job and he is hoping that down the road it could work into a better job with Customs. A new job will postpone the trip home he was planning for the middle of April. I told him I would love to come and see him but I can't even imagine a road trip that long with the boys. Steven said it would be great because we could see him and Uncle Eric and Aunt Kathleen and then we could swing through South Dakota on the way back and visit Uncle Joe and his family. It sounds like a great plan, but doubtful it will happen. :o)

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