Saturday, March 28, 2009

Up Early

Can you believe that it is the weekend and both boys are still sound asleep, but I am up at a little after 7 am because the puppy wanted to get up and whined until she got to get up. Now maybe some of my readers (like my mother) think that staying in bed until 7 am is sleeping in, but I do not. It doesn't seem like Saturday unless I get to stay in bed until at least 8 am. Oh well, at least all this peace and quiet is very nice.

Yesterday I did finish the custom order I was working on and I must say it turned out really cute. I sent a pic to the customer and she loves it. I hope to be shipping that purse out today, plus the second place winner of the "Big Bag of Luck Giveaway", has chosen my shop to pick her prize from. She has to let me know what she wants and I will ship her bag out today too.

Today I want to get some cleaning done and I am hoping it will be nice enough to take the kids outside for awhile. Yesterday was beautiful and it sure would be nice if today would follow suit. We got a note from Nick's teacher that he did get angry and threw his new glasses across the room a couple of times yesterday. The glasses are fine, but we need to get him to leave the glasses out of his anger issues since we really can't afford to have to buy him another pair. I let him leave them off after school because he said his ears were a little sore from the glasses. I know it will take a while to get used to them.

Rachel got home from Megan's house a little before 10 pm last night. They had a great time together. Now Rachel is here until Sunday evening or Monday morning at which time she has to go back to school. She will be done in May, but she will be home weekends from now to then as "SMILES" ice cream shop is opening April 1st. She has committed to work there 40 hours a week this summer and weekends until she is done with school. Rachel started working at "SMILES" when she was still in high school. The owners love her and visa versa, so they are always thrilled when she says yes to working for them another summer. We enjoy taking the boys and getting a treat while she is working. This won't interfer with our diet as they sell sugar free ice cream and toppings. By the way, I lost another pound yesterday when I weighed. :o)

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Nyblaque said...

cool blog! yeah my daughter sleeps till 12 sometimes..she is in high school and does alot of after school work she is really tired by the weekend;-)


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