Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Early Morning

Well, since Steve and I take turns getting up at 6:15 am on school morning to get Bradly off to school, and since it was Steve's turn yesterday, that left me to get up nice and early this morning. As much as I do not enjoy rising at such an hour, I do in fact, enjoy the solitude that getting up at this hour offers. That is, after the bus arrives and Brad leaves. Mornings have always been difficult for Brad, at least until his ADHD medication kicks in. I have to say however, that our incentive program consisting of earning Game Boy and computer time on the days he has successful mornings, is finally starting to pay off. He now has more good mornings that bad ones. He has come a long way and we are proud of him. We are not having very many honesty issues, which used to be a major problem. All in all, things are going well with him and I sure hope it lasts.

I have good news!! Our meeting at school yesterday for Nicholas was successful. He should have a one-on-one aide working with him within two weeks. This should better enable him to stay on task and get his school work done, and hopefully keep his behavior in check. He is in an 8-1-1 classroom with only 6 kids at the moment, but since his class size went from 4 to 6, there just isn't enough manpower to give him the time he needs, so we are very excited about this addition to his I.E.P.

Today I am drinking orange spice green tea. I ordered a 75 pack sampler pack from "Teaman" on Etsy. This pack consists of 15 different flavors, 5 of each flavor. I am enjoying such a nice selection. I even have Earl Gray now for when our daughter and son-in-law visit from Canada.

Last night I listed a wallet in my Etsy shop. I think it turned out quite nice and I am going to work on coming up with a different form of closure for the wallets today. I would like to incorporate a strap closure with velcro rather than just having the velcro on the inside of the wallet to close it. I really enjoy either making new patterns or revamping existing ones. In my opinion that is way more fun than just using a boughten pattern. :o)

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Megan said...

Hey mom, just saw the new wallet and really like it! Turned out really good. How's Karli doing? Hopefully the nipping is getting better.

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