Friday, March 6, 2009

The Weekend is Upon us

This week went fast. Hard to believe it is Friday already. Two days of not having to get up early sounds great. This morning was my day to get up and get Bradly off to school at 6:15 am. Unfortunately Nicholas and Karli (our new puppy) decided they should also get up. Nick stayed up but Karli went potty and went back to sleep. Nick is back to sleep on the couch, so that is good.

Speaking of Karli and potty....if anyone has any advise to offer on puppy potty training, we would love to hear it. When we got her, she was all paper trained. We brought her home and she went on the paper which was good, but she would only pee.....the other was where ever she felt like leaving it. :o( We have three spots with papers and now she refuses to use them at all. We keep putting her on the papers and she will walk right off and do her business somewhere else. We had decided to continue with using the paper until it warmed up outside. She is so little and she just shivers out do we.. LOL. I have heard that she might be testing us, but we are doing what we are supposed to do and she isn't responding. So if any of you doggie lovers out there have a thought on this, please leave a comment. I would appreciate it.

I wanted to let every one know that the Etsy Carried Away Bag Makers team St. Patrick's day give away that was supposed to begin tomorrow has been backed up and will begin on March 13th. I will keep everyone informed and would love to see some of my blog followers win some of the prizes. :o)

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