Saturday, April 17, 2010

Vacation Begins

Our school system did something strange this year.  Usually the kids get a break from school during the week following Easter, but this year their break is this coming week.  The worst part about the dates of this break is that the day the kids return to school the state testing begins.  This means the teachers won’t be able to spend time reviewing with the kids.  I have a feeling the school system won’t schedule vacation like this again.  I am hoping the kids behave and we can have a nice time together this next week.  :o)

I am so glad my daughters set up an account for me on Facebook.  I have enjoyed re-connecting with friends and family I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  It is just nice to see what everyone doing…how many kids or grandchildren they have.  It is nice to look at the pics  that these people have posted…..I do love that the kids I  graduated with have all aged just like I have.  In my mind they all looked like they did the day we graduated from high school…LOL

Here are a couple of projects I finished and listed in my Etsy shop yesterday.  :o)db 1







db 3





galaxy 2

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