Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

The weather has been just beautiful here this last week.  Yesterday, my hubby and our 12 year old son, planted our first garden in years.  Bradly loves to garden, and this one is his responsibility and he is very excited.  The garden is small as we don’t have a lot of room since we live in town.  Our garden consists of green beans, cucumbers and zucchini…oh and a mystery plant that was growing in our flower box…we think it might be a pumpkin plant.  We have two “Topsy Turvey” things…one with grape tomatoes and one with beef tomatoes also hanging on our back porch also. 

Normally we try and make sure our yard and flower beds look nice for Memorial Day weekend, but this year we are in the middle of getting a new roof on our great big, three story house.  We have a huge green dumpster in the front yard as well as lumber and a driveway full of roofing shingles and other supplies.  The roof is partially finished, but the carpenters couldn’t work on it last week because it was too hot and the shingles would have been damaged when they walked on them.  I am hoping they can work all this week and get it finished.

I completed a custom order for a customer this week.  This set includes a doggie travel bag with a matching agility pouch and bandanna.  The set is a gift for a 13 year old girl and is made from a cute lime green skull fabric and a black and white skull fabric.  Here is a pic oft he finished set.  :o)

dtb 1

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