Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three Day Weekend

Well, the kids are back to school today after three days off.  We have been trying something new with Nick and it seems to be working well.  The weekend actually went pretty good which was wonderful. 

I was sick for a little over a week before I realized that my new blood pressure med was causing the weakness I was experiencing, sometimes so bad it felt like I was going to pass out.  I has pains in my stomach and just an overall sense of being sick.  Saturday I did not take the medication and it was amazing how much better I felt.  Sunday I didn’t feel well again and started to think maybe it was this med causing the problem.  Well, when I took my meds on Monday, I realized I forgot and took the b/p pill on Sunday.  That explained how I felt.  It feels so good to feel like myself again. 

Maybe I can actually get some work done in my studio today now that I am feeling better.  I have an order for a dog collar I need to fill today.  My first priority is the cleaning of my iron.  The last day I was able to work, I accidently dropped my very hot iron on the floor.  The carpet fibers actually melted to my iron, so now I gave to clean it with something…yuck.   :o)

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