Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nick Had His First Invite to a Friends House

This is huge!!  Nick was invited to spend a couple of hours at the home of his best friend, Vicky, who rides his bus.  They have been trying to orchestrate this visit for about 3 weeks now and Nick was over the moon excited about going.  The amusing part is that he was sure he should wear a white shirt and a tie, and he figured Vicky would be wearing a dress.  Nick was disappointed to discover that he would not be dressing up after all.  The plan is that they will watch one of Vicky’s “Spiderman” movies, and then call so he can get a ride home.  We are keeping our fingers crossed so that he can go again sometime.  Vicky will come here to visit next time.

Our daughter Megan, who has been doing “South Beach Diet” also, and actually started almost a week before we did, has been experimenting with some low carb recipes.  Megan decided to take pictures of the dishes she creates and write a blog about her low carb food adventures.  She will be honest about the success of each recipe she tries and also include the recipes.  If you are interested in low carb recipes or are following  '”The South Beach Diet”, you might want to check out her blog.  :o)


Megan said...

Thanks for the plug mom! :-)

Moonangelnay said...

aw sounds lovely tho. hope nick has a good time!

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