Monday, March 8, 2010

9 Pounds in Two Weeks

We have moved from phase 1 to phase 2 today on South Beach Diet.  I lost 9 pounds in two weeks and Steve lost 10 pounds.  Rachel and Megan did well too, but I can’t remember their exact losses.  I must say it feels good to be in control of my eating again.  This diet is wonderful for my diabetes (which I had been in denial of up until a couple of months ago).  I would love it if my insulin levels would stay within a good range and maybe down the road I won’t need medication.

I made up a new recipe yesterday that we all enjoyed.  I call it “Greek Meatloaf”.  I used ground turkey and added some small pieces of fresh spinach and some feta cheese.  I used a couple of eggs, salt, pepper, Italian seasoning and a couple of TBSP. of Chavetta’s Italian dressing.  About 10 minutes before it came out of the oven, I drained a can of petite diced canned tomatoes and spread them over the top.  We had fried mushrooms and zucchini latkes with it.  It was a fantastic meal, and I wish I would of taken a picture, but I was too hungry…LOL

I am heading to the basement to workout on our Gazelle Freestyle Trainer.  Megan bought it when she lived in Cape Cod and says it is too big to haul to Canada.  I like it because it is low impact and you can set your own speed.  It is elliptical and it is one exercise i don’t mind too much.  Of course I can’t do it for very long yet, but a little is better than none.  :o)


IckyDogCreations said...

Congrats to you! Me and the South Beach diet wouldn't get along as I LOVES me some carbs!

nhoines said...

Yummy! That dish you made up sounds delicious. I may have to try that some time. :)

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