Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surgery Day

Well, we have decided to adopt the little Dachshund we have been fostering and we changed his name to “Oscar” which just seemed fitting for a wiener dog.  LOL  He responds well to his new name.  Steve had to have Oscar in to the animal hospital by 7:30 this morning as Oscar is getting neutered today.  Rachel will pick him up after he last class today.  It seems strange that they send him home the same day.  Female dogs do stay over night when they have their surgery. 

Our daughter Megan, has purchased an electronic book.  She asked me to make her a sleeve to keep it in so it is protected from scratches ect.   I finished it yesterday and thought I would share a couple of pics.  I have a new beach bag half finished that I hope to complete today.  :o)

meg 1

meg 5

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Megan said...

Can't wait to get my holder for the ebook reader!!

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