Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, Nick was home sick with the flu for two days.  He went back to school Friday and we ended up having to pick him up early from school as he wasn’t feeling well.  Today Bradly got up with the flu.  I sure hope nobody else gets it… is not fun.  :o(

We are still getting snow.  Isn’t Spring supposed to be here soon??  I am so ready to see grass and some nice Spring flowers and trees with buds.  The guy we hired to keep our drive way and the parking area on the side of our house did come to plow yesterday, but because it was garbage day, he plowed around our recycling bin.  He may as well have skipped us for all the good it did.  We feel like we pay him enough to get out and move a bin…it was early and the garbage truck had been here a little before the plow guy, and this would only happen on a Friday.

I got a request today from a customer who would like me to make her a custom yoga mat bag.  Hopefully I can start it on Monday.  I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  :o)

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Katie said...

That was us last week, one by one. Hopefully no one else gets it! And, go away snow!!

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