Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fostering a Dog

We are participating as foster parents for an adorable miniature Dachshund named J.D.  through an animal rescue in East Aurora, N.Y.   J.D. was a rescue from the state of Georgia where his family was facing serious financial problems and were forced to give him up. He was headed for the pound when the rescue acquired him.  It is not often that the rescue gets a pure breed dog, but J.D. is a pure breed miniature Dachshund.  Our Karli is 3/4 miniature Dachshund and 1/4 Jack Russel, and although they weigh the same, JD. is a bit shorter and longer than Karli.  These two are having a blast together.  I think it is a new experience for them to have another dog their own size to play with.  They race and chase through the house and both seem so happy.  I think our older dog Chloe, who is 12, is wondering why there is another pesky little dog to annoy her…LOL  She is good natured though, and just goes off by herself when she tires of the rough housing.  J.D. needs to be neutered very soon.  Karli is fixed but he is effected by her so we should be getting his appointment today.  Both dogs are a little over a year old.  We do have first chance to adopt if we decide to keep him.   I thought I would share a few pics.  :o)

JD 2 J.D.


jd4  J.D., Karli and Chloe


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Triple Willow said...

Adorable! I have a special place in my heart for little dachs! My "granddog" is a mini-mini. She got spiderbit as a baby on a lymph node and nearly died. It stunted her growth and she's still the size of a puppy! She's a cinnamon too. I just love that little dog! other than your's being bigger they look a lot alike! lol!
thanks for sharing the pics

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