Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally Finished the Dog Booties

I have been working on 7 sets of dog booties since before Christmas.   I went down to my studio and sewed for awhile yesterday, but then we had the opportunity to babysit Baby Morgan again and what can I say…..I spent time with her instead.  Today however, I forced myself to completely finish all 28 of the booties.  What a relief…LOL

Hmmm…so much for my New Year’s resolution…that I would post on here every day.  :o(    I guess I better try harder.

This week went really fast.  It is hard to believe it is the weekend already.  I am hoping we can have a nice weekend and the boys will behave.  Oh, and great news….Emma is coming home today…finally.  I can’t wait to see the girls together….I bet as tiny as Morgan has seemed to us, she will look big beside Emma. 

I sold 8 of my b/f, Peggy’s purse cards and three pair of my mom’s baby mittens yesterday.  Peg will be so surprised.  I told my mom she should probably make some more baby mittens since there are none left in the shop.  What a nice problem…LOL   Aren’t these purse cards just adorable??  :o)

purse cards 1


Caroline said...

So LOVE!!!
What a great idea! Hope they magically fly off the shelves!

Piggy said...

They look really cute! I remember buying a purse notepad too. Great idea and I am understand why they get sold so quickly :)

God Bless

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