Monday, February 22, 2010

Red Robin

We had a great time with the boys yesterday when we went out to eat at Nick’s favorite restaurant, Red Robin.  The mushroom Swiss burger was outstanding and of course the fries with their homemade ranch dressing is awesome.  The boys got chicken tenders and fries. 

I cannot believe that I had to either let Nick go to school without his hair combed or let him miss the bus this morning.  I have never let one of my kids go to school ungroomed.   Naturally, when I used to work at school, I absolutely hated to see a little kids who had obviously not had their hair combed.  Now I am one of those parents…LOL 

It does feel wonderful to have mid winter break over with and the kids back in school.  I really need to get busy making things for my 3 Etsy shops.  I am off to work in my studio and hoping some creative ideas come my way.  :o)

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